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    Sex board user guide (please read)

    This is the user guide to the sex board, but in addition don't forget the registration rules you agreed to when signing up.

    Sex board guide

    Hello and welcome to the Sex Board. This board is mainly here for information and discussion, and we hope you find it useful!

    Spam and advertising

    Using these boards to post spam, any advertising or to ask for help with projects, surveys or any other activity is not permitted without first obtaining permission from helen@thesite.org.

    Specific to the Sex Boards

    1. Please DO NOT use these boards to try to pick people up for sex. Go to a dating site or something instead.

    2. It is not appropriate to use these boards to boast about your sexual exploits etc.

    3. Links to commercial porn sites etc will be removed, including viral marketing.

    4. If you want to ask people questions of an explicit nature, you MUST introduce yourself first and explain why you want to know. Otherwise everybody will simply assume you?re perving at their replies.

    5. Jokes/funnies do not belong on this board. Please post them in Anything Goes.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    THINK before you post. Is it a common question that has probably been asked hundreds of times before? If so, DO A SEARCH ? the grey search button is at the top right hand corner of each page. Or look at one of our factsheets below:

    Pregnancy scares/am I pregnant?

    He pulled out before he came, can I get pregnant?

    I'm pregnant, now what? (your legal options)

    Sexually transmitted diseases

    Painful sex

    Vaginal health

    The combined pill

    Progestogen only pill

    Emergency contraception, ?morning after pill?



    Female orgasm

    Mismatched sex drives

    Giving her good head

    Giving him good head


    Anal play

    Penis size - does it matter?

    Foreskin problems

    Erectile dysfuntion (AKA impotence)

    Premature ejaculation

    Sex and drugs

    Sex and the Law

    Sexual assault

    In common with our other boards, we have a set of common courtesy rules:

    If you are new to these boards

    Read our good manners guide and introduce yourself to the rest of the board users here. You can also familiarise yourself with our report post functionality here.

    As you will all have read the rules upon signing up you will know we are not tolerant of certain behaviour:

    1. Please respect the opinions of others. Just because you don?t agree, doesn?t give you the right to make personal attacks on that person.

    2. Racist, hateful, defamatory or otherwise illegal posts are not suitable.

    3. If you feel the need to post quotes from other sources or sites, please also publish the URL of where you found it.

    4. However, please don?t publish links to inappropriate websites (hateful, defamatory, illegal etc).

    5. If you want to post photos, make them small, or just post the link. Large photos will be deleted.

    6. We will ban people who continually refuse to work within these rules. If you don?t like it, there are plenty of other places to have your say on the web.

    We're not just discussion boards you know

    Need facts or just want to read some fun stuff? Look no further:

    Sex & Relationships

    Health & Wellbeing

    Drink & Drugs

    Home, Law & Money

    Work & Study

    Travel & Free Time

    Plus, there's loads more to read right here in the community, including diaries, rants, and true stories.

    Questions/suggestions/corrections to helen@thesite.org
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