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    flattering clothes for short people

    hello :D

    does anyone know what type of clothes are flattering for short people?
    im only about 5ft and my legs are like two tree stumps and dont seem to look good in anything! my torso is actually quite a normal size though but i have big boobs so i dont know what sorts of tops etc i should be wearing either.

    ooh yeah, and do short legs look longer if a skirt ends below the knees or just above?? its just that i want to buy a nice plain black skirt for my hols in a few weeks and i want to get one (IF i can find one that fits me) that makes me look taller and slimmer even im not very good with this stuff

    and also, does anyone know of any shops that stock petite sizes?? im having difficulty finding a nice pair of jeans that DONT need to be shortened about 6 inches every time i buy a pair!! i know principles, dorothy perkins and next do petite sizes but their range of clothes is pretty small

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    I'm pretty short myself (5'2" last I checked) and I have to add a hearty "amen" to GWST's (by way of T&S) advice about trousers that fall to the bottom of your heel. Sweet Jesus, the amount of short(ish) women I see walking about with these trousers that only come halfway down their heel...or even only come down to their ankle. If that's your "thing" then fair enough, but it's seriously unflattering to those of us with shorter legs (and everything) than we'd like!

    Heels are a very obvious idea, although a big pain in the arse to wear on a regular basis. This season is great for stacked heels/wedges, which are generally more comfortable to wear, easily to move in, and very flattering.

    I think I remember reading that skirts should fall exactly on the knee for optimum leg-lengthening effect. I haven't read this anywhere that I can recall, but personally I definitely find a slightly A-line skirt better for leg-flattery than a pencil skirt (God's gift to the long-limbed!).

    ITA also with the advice about lower necklines being good for big boobs. A high neckline definitely makes the bust look bigger, and unfortunately (at least this is what I've found) a big bust makes you look bigger in general...so I try and downplay that particular part of my anatomy. Adversely, the way it's played down is by flaunting those tatas, although maybe not to the extreme of major cleavage (up to you, of course).

    Good places for petite clothing are department stores, as they stock slightly upmarket brands that often do special petite ranges. My mum is a petite lady like me, and she shops in Wallis, Planet, Minuet etc etc. I know they're looked upon as "more mature lady" shops, but I've found some lovely pieces in them..and it means you ain't wearing the same as all your friends. Also, don't Topshop do a petite range? If you've got a big-ish branch near you then you might be able to root out some decent stuff.

    If all else fails, it might be worth looking into tailoring your own things. Jeans etc are a little more difficult due to the nature of denim (at least I can never take up my own jeans in any way more stylish than a turn-up, haha, which is unflattering) but it's an idea. Skirts etc should be fairly easy to take up, so maybe looking in places like H&M and Primark for a cheapish black skirt (they have them in abundance, at least around here) and then doing a little research on adjusting it yourself.

    Sorry I can't be more help, but I feel your pain, really I do! I'm sure someone else will be of more use

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    *fellow shortie*

    I buy trousers in dorothy perkins, internacionale, top shop..or I buy normal length ones and only wear them with heels.

    Wearing all one colour makes you look taller I find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soraliah
    hello :D

    does anyone know what type of clothes are flattering for short people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainbow brite
    my lj -comment to be added

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    Ok then, what if you're only short (5ft 4) and a guy. I've tried wearing skirts out, but end up getting looked at weird, or beaten up.

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    Only scottish men look hawt in skirts.
    ssshh...perfection is boring.

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