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Thread: TXT SEX

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    Mar 2000

    Red face TXT SEX

    me and my boyfriend often have txt sex , yet la8tly i ave been running out wiv things to say , can any one think of some really good things that i could say we r doin that will really turn him on

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    dirty_harry Guest


    Instead of saying about licking his bollocks why not actually lick his bollocks. It will arouse him more.

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    May 2000
    Reading, England


    Init Harry... Texting fucking annoying... what is it with ppl cant they talk to u n e more...
    The amount of times I've given my number to a girl n for the next week u get a million txt messages every day xpecting u to text em back... instead of texting em if I want to I usually phone em, chat to them for half an hour stop chatting to them n 5 minuted later U get another fucking text message from em expecting u to text em back!!!

    What is it with girls n text messages n e way...

    Totally off the point but thought I might have a moan..

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    Sep 2000


    It also costs money, to text, do it in real life IT'S FREE!

    Live Life On The Edge!

    [This message has been edited by BaRt (edited 22-10-2000).]
    Anyone who isn't pulling their weight is probably pushing their luck

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