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    What to write in Personal Statement?

    I have joined Monster.co.uk and I would like to write a Personal Statement, but I'm unsure what to write in it.

    What things should I say?

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    Pretend you're applying for The Apprentice and try to sound like as much of a cock as possible. That's what companies seem to look for nowadays.

    Nah seriously, I'd make it a brief background of your experience/educational background and the type of work you're looking for and a quick mention of your immediate career goals (I guess you can talk more long term if you know what you want to do). Kinda like a personal statement on a CV or the introduction you'd put in a covering letter on a job application, rather than a collection of generic adjectives that everyone applies to themselves.

    "Recent graduate from the University of Hogwarts with a degree in alchemy. Looking for an entry level position in the pharmaceutical industry with opportunities for ongoing professional development."

    Maybe a bit more detail, but that's the general gist I'd go for. I'd try and avoid repeating information that's available elsewhere on your profile and just treat it as an introduction of what you're about and what hopes/plans you have for your career over the next few years, and what sort of company you'd like to work for.

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    Monster has some pretty good advice too http://career-advice.monster.co.uk/c...t/article.aspx
    Also has tips on CV writing etc which might be useful.
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    Thanks for the replies so far.

    Any more help would be OF GREAT help!!!!

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    What are you writing it for? That matters.
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