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    Jan 2011
    West country

    Miss Riot's soul-exploring junk...

    Be warned, some of this will be alcohol indused, some will be stream of consciousness stuff, and others just general junk...


    May I introduce the first poem of this collection, entitled FFF (Freedom From Fear)

    I can’t fear this anymore…
    This unobtainable swell
    The one that holds me in it grip
    The one I can’t control
    Let me whisper in your ear
    The secrets my heart can’t bear
    To hold in silence, without being shared
    Without witness they cannot grow

    This takes shape
    In the corner of my eye
    Where I cannot see
    Only one voice speaks clearly
    And that is you
    My heart keeps screaming out
    For something a little less shallow
    Not hollow
    Maybe you…

    I see an image standing there
    I know I don’t have to understand
    I just feel that you’re there
    Nothing can be taken from me anymore
    Because it all lives here
    With my heart….

    You can beat me
    You strip me
    Demand me to surrender
    You can haunt me
    And control me
    Try to instill fear
    You can shake me
    You can take me
    But I’ll still be standing there
    And I’ll be free…

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    Jan 2011
    West country
    A New one, entitled Heavy Water


    I put my toe in?
    Thought I was lucky, to have it all my way?just this once
    I let my guard down I, chose to ignore my intuition, I, held on tight
    Nails torn out, fingers left ravaged
    I got, swept away?
    Pulled under by the intensity, I couldn?t match the pace
    Pushed down by the waves, caught up in the current
    Arms a flailing, voice a? wailing
    Coughing and choking
    Lungs filling up with dark, dark water
    Loosing my breath, loosing my breath, loosing my breath, loosing my breath

    But for one second it all seemed clear
    Just for a moment it all fell into place
    Crystal clarity
    I have what I truly desire
    I could see it there in a world without sacrifice
    I want it so bad, I deserve it so hard
    I reached out?

    Waves come crashing in, batter me up, bruise me down
    They throw me around, and around,
    Sharp edges and rocks, each creates new marks with new laments to tell
    Songs whistling, singing, screaming through my head
    This perpetual state of flux is wearing me down
    Like a pebble in the river
    Flattening me round
    If the river dries then so do I, but I can?t keep going on
    I?ll just become a grain of sand, unmissed from the picture.

    Concrete wall, stone cold steel,
    Bars and gate and wounds that don?t heal
    Twisted muscles and cracking bones
    I want to curl up here all alone
    At the storm drain, where theres a break in the flow
    And shut you out because it hurts
    The possibilities of good
    The balance doesn?t weigh up
    The failure is ever-present
    Raw and true

    But from the dark depths of the deep
    The sharp stab of light
    Echos all around me
    Sets the ravens a?flying from the trees
    I struggle to the surface against the current and the tide
    Over and over again, like the tides and ebbs and flows unrelenting
    Never surrender, never admit defeat
    Never allow life to win over the will to live.

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    Jan 2011
    West country
    I just needed to get this out, I doubt it makes any sense.

    Dearest Hope, give me hope
    There are so many unknown dangers here in this world
    Dearest dreams and ambitions, please hide yourself away
    You will only be shot down like crow from the sky
    I can?t live, I cannot be myself
    trapped in a world where fear rules all
    Without means to express just how I feel
    I will only be made wrong and called a fool
    There are no truths left
    I?ve told myself everything is a lie
    Apathy come take me in
    Be my best of friends so I feel nothing more
    Burn out my eyes so I don?t see the blinding truth
    That shatters my soul with its light
    Empathy run far away and never look back
    The soldiers of peace have all been turned
    Through torture or fear
    We?re all conscripts in this army of hate

    I can feel my heart sinking into the ground
    Trampled over pushed down, consumed by the cold winter earth
    I am so hollow
    I guess I?m just like everyone else now

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