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    confuseddotcom Guest

    Odd shaped boobs?!

    Does your weight affect the shape of your boobs? because I am a little overweight, and my boobs seem to be sort of odd looking?! they aren't pert like in the mags..almost tubed shaped? could this be cos I am a little overweight and I am therefore not in proportion?

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    Hi confuseddotcom ,

    Thanks for posting on here, It is very common to feel self conscious about certain parts of your body!! and often some things you see yourself, other people do not see, as when you are conscious of something you are likely to focus on it much more!!. If you feel that you would like to carry out some exercise and diet to tone your body up and lose weight it may be worth speaking to your G.P or a fitness professional to get some advice!!.

    I have added some information on Body Image for you to have a look through!!

    I hope this has helped!! Keep posting!! and let us know how you are getting on.

    Take care.

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    there is actually a condition called tubular breasts. Its not uncommon. Theres lots about it on google, and you may even be entitled to have it corrected if it is a big issue for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyCreamcheese View Post
    tubular breasts.
    Am i the only one who is now thinking of Mike Oldfield ?
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    Generally as a rule of thumb I dont think there are ANY breasts which are exactly the same. To me mine are different shapes but no boyfriend has ever been able to find the differences that I see.
    I still hate mine but I'm growing used to them! Takes time to accept ourselves
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