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    Writing a letter to my girlfriend who's going away

    My girlfriend is going away travelling for a year soon and I知 going to miss her like mad.
    I値l be meeting up with her on a couple of occasions during her "world tour", but I thought I'd write her a letter to give to her at the airport as she leaves, but here's where I come stuck, I知 rubbish at putting pen to paper and have no idea what to write and how to write what I feel.

    Has anyone else done this before and can offer and tips and advice on what to write?


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    That's a sweet idea. Can't really help, as I haven't been in this position. The closest was when me and my hubby went on a world tour in 2001 and we wrote "to be opened in the event of my death" letters to our nearest and dearest. It was the most upsetting thing I have ever done. You should have seen the two of us, blotting real tears off the paper! I'm so so glad no one had to open them.

    In your case, you need to strike a balance between saying how you feel about your gf, that you love her and will miss her etc., and making it too morbid. Keep the tone upbeat. Wish her 'bon voyage', ask her to keep in touch and say how much you are looking forward to joining her on her adventures. Most importantly, tell her to look after herself and come home safe.

    Do you know her itinerary? Perhaps, as a caring gesture, you could look up and include the telephone numbers and addresses of the various British Embassies/Consulates in the countries she is visiting, in case she has a problem.
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    Thanks for the advice, going to take some time to write this so it all comes across right!

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    I can't really suggest anything because it has to come from you - you know who she is and how you feel about her better than any of us. I'd be happy to proof read it if you'd like, just give me a PM x
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    I've been in this postition, kind of
    And i'd say that its best to write it when you have just been talking to her about it... when you are feeling emotional about it because then the feelings all kinda... rush out

    & remember, whatever you write, it will mean SO much to her

    Happy writing <3

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