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    Avoiding Friends...

    I really didn't want to post this on here, but I can't tell the teacher I talk to about it I don't think...

    But for the past few weeks I've been avoiding my friends, in the easter holidays I went out twice (in the 2 and a half weeks off) with my friends, once to go see a film with one of my closest friends and the second time as I had to do something for my town I promised ages ago, so saw some friends then.
    We've been back at school for a week, 2 days doing prep for some stupid exam, then the others just normal lessons, I've been acting all chirpy and talkative so my friends would leave me alone about being abit down.

    But now I'm just trying to avoid them all together, I've spent lunch indoors doing school work, away from them. Blown off going to meals, going out on the weekend, just seeing them all together... I don't know why, I don't want to avoid them, but I just want to spend time alone and be with nobody....

    Sorry... just a rant really x

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    We all want some alone time. But if you continue to treat your friends like this why may not be there when u decide you want to hang out with them again. Maybe you should inform them u feel a bit down and want times to yourself to asure them your not tryin to push them away

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    Mar 2010
    I know everyone wants alone time, but I don't want them to know how I'm feeling... Stupid I know, just a couple of them blab me off to the teacher and I just don't want them talking to her about me behind my back.
    I don't think they're seeing it as me pushing them away, I claim I've got coursework to finish off (no lie) or I need to talk to my tutor... Just feel like i need to be alone.

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    behind you
    When I've been through bad patches I found I got into a cycle of something like avoid people, feel worse, avoid people more. It might feel like a massive effort to socialise, but generally it will make you feel better to be with other people, talk about normal things, and just feel more normal. Alone time is good but too much will probably make you feel worse.
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