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    Johnnyboy - V2.0 Guest

    How to stop finger bleeding?

    I cut my fingertip an hour ago and its still bleeding, is there anything I can do to make the bleeding stop?

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    Aug 2002
    Notting Hill
    I would suspect you could possibly suffer from haemophilia. Could be worth getting it checked. The bleeding should have stopped after a few minutes from a small cut.

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    Apr 2006
    How badly did you cut it?

    Apply pressure and elevate is standard treatment for bleeding. For a finger I suggest pushing on the cut with your thum (assuming there's nothing in it) and holding your hand up by your face. Obviously bring your hand back down when you start getting pins and needles.

    Then put a plaster on it (or 2, with tape to get the stupid things to stay on fingers).

    That's all assuming it's bleeding slightly rather than seriously. If it's properly bleeding and has been for an hour then you should get it looked at.

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    Johnnyboy - V2.0 Guest
    Thanks guys.

    It stopped bleeding eventually. It wasn't a massive cut, just the size of a papercut. It only me worried because it bled for 2 and a half hours and when I went to cover it, it bled straight through.

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