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Thread: shroom picking

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    lol madness, you could convince yourself anything whilst tripping..

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    Quote Originally Posted by tehfincheh View Post
    Just got back from Amsterdam and I think I'm chemically obliterated.

    We tried a box of Philosophers Stones each and because it took such a delayed reaction from the rest of the shit in our systems at the time, we decided to leave our chill out area and hit the town.

    Ended up with just me and a mate in the back room of a back room of an empty bar, suddenly tripping like crazy. He flipped out completely and was convinced that I was going to kill him. 20 stone that he is, he smacked a dent in the table and kept telling me to "Stop", apparently seeing evil in me every time the revolving lights turned to red.

    It was creepy as hell. He spent the entire night wide awake in the opposite bottom bunk just watching me - since he thought I'd kill him if he fell asleep.

    Made quite an interesting breakfast topic. And it was eerie as hell considering I was having a really psychotic trip of my own where all I could focus on was mutilation and The Shining-esque insanity.

    Anyway, we stopped short of going for the heavily visual shrooms. Mainly because my mate was so fucked up for the rest of the holiday that he still didn't completely trust me.

    I'm looking to get hold of some back home in London but I've had no luck so far.
    Haha, crazy stuff man!
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    Went picking yesterday and found a fair few. So they're out there now people.

    Finger lickin pickin.
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    i went shroom piking today but found lots of mushrooms that look ver simliar to Psilocybe semilanceata ( the fun ones ) does any 1 have pics of the real mushrooms compaired to the look alikes or any tips on telling the differnce?

    So far i think ime supposed to be looking for

    long think stalk
    nipple on the cup
    tan colour
    bruise blue when touched
    Dark underneath the cup ( is this correct?)
    dark blue rim around the base of the cup

    anything els is hould note?

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    Ahh shroom season is arriving in the UK, I envy you all! I discovered hundreds of the bloody things a few minutes from my back garden (some of you may remember my thread last year), then I leave the country in time for the 2nd picking! Shame.
    Anyone know if there are any shrooms that grow in Australia, and what time of year?
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    theres probably loads of em, but millions of super deadly poisonous ones too lol

    try n find one of those DMT frogs or somethin

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