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    Feel dizzy everytime I get up?

    Whenever I get up quickly from sitting/lying down 9 times out of the time I get really dizzy and stumble if i am walking. Very few times I see black spinning like when you close your eyes when your dizzy...

    Can someone explain what it is, why it happens and what I can do to get up please?

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    I think that's quite normal when you get up fast but if you're really worried see a doctor about it.
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    your iron could be low.. Its not as common for guys.. But that could be a problem.. Or may be anemic.. Is ur blood pressure normal?

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    I had that for a long time years ago... would black out for a second or two. NEver knew why. Doesn't happen anymore unless I'm slightly dehydrated. Usefull comment, I know
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    Probably orthostatic hypotension - commonly known as a head rush. Think it can happen to pretty much anyone if they stand up fast enough, as it's just a sudden drop in blood pressure, but some people are more prone to it that others:

    Quote Originally Posted by wiki article
    Patients who are prone to orthostatic hypotension are the elderly, postpartum mothers, those who have been on bedrest and teenagers because of their large amounts of growth in a short period of time. People suffering from anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa often suffer from orthostatic hypotension and is a common side effect of these mental illnesses. Consuming alcohol may also lead to orthostatic hypotension due to its dehydrating effects on the body.
    Not usually owt to worry about, but if you are worried, see your doctor.

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    i had this when i was ill but it happend to me last night i didnt think anything off it and didnt think anything of it..
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