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    *Snow White Queen* Guest

    How do you deal with someone who is jealous of you?

    Right. I have this person, who I shall name X. X is REALLY beginning to piss me off now and I don't quite know how to deal with it. Its been a build up of things tbh and I feel as though I'm beginning to lose my cool now. I would never have thought anyone would actually be ever jealous of me but its clear as day in this case tbh. It crossed my mind but like, other people have confirmed it really by saying they think it too.

    X's behaviour for the past few months has reflected some jealousy on their behalf . I mean, X is clearly very insecure (and their behaviour infront of me in particular has reflected this) but like, thats not my problem. Its like X is competing with me all the time. They copy everything I do, go for everything I have, etc. Its just a bit like WHYYYYYY?! >.< I just want to scream "get a life" sorta thing.

    Its just beginning to really piss me off now because its got to the point where X is trying to wreck things in my life, ie, friendships (they have interferred with relationships/friendships of mine in the past who are somehow associated with them)

    This person is constantly saying stuff behind my back and what they are saying is either a lie, is malicious or just pure nonsense.

    I don't quite know how to deal with this person whatsoever. I've been biting my lip for months. I want to say something but quite obviously, that person will deny whatever I accuse them of and I don't want to cause any trouble as at present, they are trying to wreck a VERY GOOD friendship of mine because they are jealous that I have a friendhsip with someone they do. They are being so sad and immature. This is like, the last straw though. This person is borderlining on pathetic now. They've taken away friendships of mine in the past (by telling lies about me and turning people against me) and I'm just really annoyed that they are trying to wreck my friendship with someone who I've become quite close to (in the friend sense). I just don't understand it. Its like they have a problem with me being friends with them yet I don't have a problem with them whatsoever!

    I wouldn't be so annoyed but after being told what I have, its getting to the point where I'm actually angry about it and want to confront the person. I'm sat here bubbling with fury and I shouldn't be because its their problem.

    I just don't know what to do. How would you guys deal with a person like this if you were in my situation?
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    If they've been bullshitting confront them... Or make them feel good about something they've done by themselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -[MoonRat]-
    If they've been bullshitting confront them...
    I agree, if you're of that disposition. I'd confront them, in a crowd of people and ask them why they've been saying all this shit about me.
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    _guest Guest
    Er, there's not a lot you can do other than throw a big fugee - and you probably won't come off looking too fabulous if you do. No one is going to take kindly to being accused of being jealous of someone, and like you say they're just going to deny their fiendish ways if confronted.

    I've never been in a situation like this myself as I'm a great believer in nipping things in the bud - especially with so called friends, and I would've told him/her (?) to step off right back when she started showing signs of crazed jealousy and friendship-wrecking tendencies.

    I think that as long as you and others concerned know the true way of things then that's what's important.

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    Knock them the fuck out!!

    Or just talk to them and find out what their problem is?
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    *Snow White Queen* Guest
    Well deep down, I know what their problem is. Its not something I can change though and its nothing I've actually done. Its their problem due to their insecurities.

    I mean, like everyone has said, theres not much I can do but when they start trying to wreck a very good friendship I have, it gets to the point where I want to rip their head off and throw it down the gutter. They have turned people against me in past by making up lies about me, etc but I've never done anything about it.

    The friend concerned has reassured me that our friendship isn't going to change but it still doesn't stop me being angry for X trying to wreck it. X was almost trying to guilt trip my friend for being friends with me and suggested that they were only friends with me for one thing (which really fucking offends me tbh)! Its mad! Just seems as though they are very manipulative and selfish tbh.
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    I find if you don't let it affect you most people realise that's it's rubbish and will not want to be friends with them anymore. Best of luck anyway
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    *Snow White Queen* Guest
    Heh. Well thats why I haven't reacted these past few months as what they have been saying has been BULLSHIT.

    It isn't so much what they are saying about ME, its the fact they are trying to turn EVERYONE against me. I mean, the people who have stopped talking to me, I'm not that fussed about (as harsh as that sounds). However, trying to wreck my friendship with someone I regard as one of my bestest buddies is rather frustrating. Thankfully, my friend agrees with most of what I've said and believes this person is jealous. I can't think of any other reason for their behaviour as I've never done anything to them.

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    _guest Guest
    Well yeah, it's a shit situation but the only person they're really making look bad is themselves. It seems unfair but in this kind of situation you have to let it be water off a duck's back.

    As I see it your mates are your mates are your mates and they know what the real craic is - everyone else can just jog on

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    Quote Originally Posted by briggi

    As I see it your mates are your mates are your mates and they know what the real craic is - everyone else can just jog on
    That's pretty much summed it up. As long as your mate knows X is talking crap, which from what you're saying they do, then you know they are your real mate. All the other people obviously had no real trust anyway and can go fuck themselves, they aren't worth it.
    X is just being a spiteful little twat who you just need to ignore. Treat X as a minor annoyance, like a piece of dog shit on your shoe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rachie004
    If it's bothering you that much then there's nothing else really you can do other than to speak to X about it

    Otherwise you're only going to end up driving yourself up the wall with it

    What she said.
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    Keep a diary for a bit, then you have something to refer back to if she starts questioning what you are accusing.
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