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    May 2005

    watching people having sex

    ok,after a wierd convo with a person last week, i had to come on her+find out the answer to this.

    basically, you know when you can go to organised, by special companies, swinging parties....are there ones that just let you watch other people have sex (for the thrill, turn on, etc) and if so, what are these called??

    i told her that you could go to a singing party+just watch, no pressure,but she didnt believe me!
    ~Yes, she caught my eye as i walked on by, she could see from my face that i was fucking high!~

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    As thought the sweet, innocent people on here would know an answer like that!!!!

    I think some swingers parties do let people just watch - but of course, dogging allows that too (I think).

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    Bristol (South glos), uk
    Yes there are places that let you do this. Some are funny about you just watching though.
    It's swinging btw not singing

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    there are swinging paries that allow you just to watch. i saw one on a documentary that had a room with one-way glass in it so that people could stand behind it.

    people who just watch are called 'voyeurs' btw.

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    thanx for the info. Cant believe i wrote singing, lol!

    to carry onthe thread; has anyone ever been to a swinging party+if so, what was it like?
    ~Yes, she caught my eye as i walked on by, she could see from my face that i was fucking high!~

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    G Guest
    id rather be having sex tbh

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrG
    id rather be having sex tbh
    Yep same here...

    Swinging party to watch or play sounds fucking boring to me...

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    Oct 2002
    Go dogging?
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    There's never any pressure for newbies to have sex at swinging parties (and it can also be difficult for men to perform the first time they go) but the reputable swinging places take a dim view on those who just go to watch.

    The playing that goes on in some fetish clubs are slightly more open to it as whipping etc happens in the designated zones.

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