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  • The Mix
    started a topic Results Day

    Results Day

    Hey everyone,

    For some of you, today is A-Level results day and finding out your exam results can be stressful and scary. Even if you didn't get the results you expected, you're not alone and there are lots of options out there for you.

    If you haven't got the results you expected, there's some great advice about who you can talk to and what your options might be on The Mix's...
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  • Finally got an interview, any advice please?

    Hi, So I finally got an interview as a kitchen assistant in a pub, it's this Friday, anyone got any ideas on what to say or what would impress them? Would really, really appreciate it
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  • Ybe7
    started a topic Job date mistake in an application

    Job date mistake in an application

    I spnt ages on an application, submitted it then realised I made a mistake with date of when I started my current job. I started at the start of the year but said i started in 2015. Reason this happened is because I previously applied to this organisation before I had my current job and it had my job history so I moved the past jobs down but forgot to change the start date of my current job when I...
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  • Abigail
    started a topic I'm Stressed

    I'm Stressed

    Im so sorry.
    Im stressing about results day on the 24th. I'm worried about not getting the result i need and want. Also everyday im having to prove to people that I'm better than they think i am. I hate it. I really just want to stop worrying and and thinking but there is nothing i can do.
    My stress levels are horrible. I've had to move to the garage tonight to stop myself from doing anything...
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  • Staff Pregnancy- triggered upsetting thoughts

    So from a recent post done back in may you may have seen that I yet again I got pregnant without it being planned due to being raped. anyway I made the decision on the 18th of July to have an abortion as I didn't feel I could look after the child as a single mum and I didn't want it being put into care like I did!

    Anyway today at work a member of the staff announced they are 12wks...
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  • New Job- Feel they are taking advantage of me

    So as you may know I started my new job on the 13th of July in a nursery and ive started to feel that they are taking advantage of me considering I'm still on my trial, this is because they always make me do the cleaning and I don't have a choice and therefore I don't spend much time with the children which is what I had in my mind when I applied for the job. I understand cleaning needs to be done...
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  • Meggles
    started a topic super stressed

    super stressed

    turns out i was suppose to submit my dissertation proposal 26 days ago. im not getting daily emails regarding where it is...
    i dont have a topic or anything and im super stressing out
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  • Laura12345
    started a topic Job update

    Job update

    So as you may have seen on my post on the 17th of May I decided to resign from my job in retail and on the post a few days later I was indecisive on whether to write to head office about how I was treated whilst working within the job.

    Anyway I decided to take it to head office and then on the 21st of June I had to go into the store and speak to the store manager about how I was treated...
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    Last edited by Aife; 12-07-2017, 05:26 PM. Reason: workstudy

  • Shaunie
    started a topic Fmlfmlfml


    Had a meeting with college. Told me I have 30 assisgments to do by August. But guess what it's okay because I dont have to turn up to college and ive become a distant learner and dont need to do work experience. Like um why am i a "distant learner" im not to anxious to come in, just writing it for your funding cause i wotn turn up. Just kick me of the course ffs

    57 pass criteas...
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    Last edited by Shaunie; 21-06-2017, 10:59 AM.

  • Consequences of not going full time education?

    Does anyone know what the consequences are if I don't go to college? I'm currently looking into doing my GCSEs there alone and if I can't I'm just thinking of just canceling this current course I'm going to start and doing one next year. either way if I can do my GCSEs its not as many hours as they want you to do so I'll still lose my child tax credit which my mum doesn't mind, but is there anything...
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  • Job interview on Friday: SO Nervous cause of my last expeirnce of interviews

    So i have a job interview on Fri 16th June at 1;30pm for a job in a nursery which I'm really nervous about.
    ​This is because when I had my job interview back in Oct 2015 time for my job in retail I fainted during the interview even after my teacher giving me some advice on how to deal with being nervous and how to be confident.
    ​anyone able to give me some advice to deal with...
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    Last edited by Kathleen; 16-06-2017, 03:55 PM.

  • Abigail
    started a topic Celebrating after exams

    Celebrating after exams

    How are we all celebrating after exams if its GCSEs, college exams or uni exams?
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  • Resigned from my job and already feel so much better

    So as some of you may have seen that I've struggled at times with work and I've had various meetings and I recently got suspended. I decided that I was about time I handed in my notice because for a while now I'm been feeling so unhappy at work and with the whole process with the meetings for harassment and being suspended I feel that I've been targeted. I went into work today and handed in my notice...
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    Last edited by Kathleen; 05-06-2017, 05:16 PM.

  • Lostsense
    started a topic Job interview tomorrow

    Job interview tomorrow

    I've got some exciting news I have a job interview at my local SARC (Sexual assult refferal centre) tomorrow! To be a crisis worker so when someone comes in I will be there to hold there hand and support them through the rape kit process. Just what I wanted to do. I'm so excited and nervous. I know how important this role is as I wouldnt let go of the crisis workers hand when I had mine done. I feel...
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  • LaneBoi
    started a topic College interview

    College interview

    Has anyone ever been to one? i'm really stressing about it because i know deep down i'm going to mess it up especially as i'm not 100% set on college(honestly mentally wise i'd rather not go and i'm afraid that have an effect if i'm asked questions about why i choose this course and the college etc) i also don't have any future career plans other than getting a standard job and traveling around and...
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