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  • Lost my best friend and the girl I love all in one

    Okay so this will be a bit of a long one. I'll try my best to narrow it down, but apologies if I drone on. I'll start from the beginning.

    In my last year of university I started in a relationship with a girl who I considered one of my best friends, we had slept with eachother before but this was our first time properly being together. And for the first 6 months it was absolutely amazing....
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  • hxney_xx
    started a topic Confused.


    I have this friend, who I love. Sadly, he doesn't feel the same. We was never in a relationship however, we do take part in sexual actions, by this I mean ( sex, oral). He used to care a lot for me, but things changed and he doesn't feel the same way as he did before. I truly miss the old him. Anyways, we are still doing sexual actions but, I like him and he don't so it like.. hmm. but, I feel like...
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  • Laura12345
    started a topic Pregnant again! Not Planned!

    Pregnant again! Not Planned!

    So many of you may have seen my recent posts about abortion and what happened back in 2015 on my birthday.

    ​Anyway I found out a week ago that I am pregnant yet again. This was not planned and I don't even remember anything happening. The whole situation seems so strange because all I can remember is going out for a celebration and then my friend dropping me home because I had quite...
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  • evie_rose
    started a topic I'm really struggling

    I'm really struggling

    I've come home for easter.. I havent been back here since my nan's funeral. It feels so werid knowing that this visit I won't see her at all.. not alive or at her funeral. I actually don't want to be at home. It hold so many memories that it hurts.
    I've been spending a lot of time by water, and in woods and around bridges and I'm scared to as why. I know I feel so hopeless and pointless right...
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  • Kaitiiia
    started a topic Confused and curious about being trans

    Confused and curious about being trans

    Hey, I am gay and recently ive been dressing as a woman and loving acting like a woman and i'm a bit curious about being transgender. Like i just want some peoples advice and opinions on the subject as a whole?
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  • How can i aupport my 2 friends when the situations are linked to experience? so hard

    2 of my friends need as much support as possible right now as they have both lost relatives recently. One lost her uncle on the 17th of March in a car crash and the other lost her grandad on the 22nd of March due to losing his battle to cancer.
    Anyway both of this situations its hard to support of them because of what ive been through or currently going through. With the car accident its because...
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  • Can't really get past the first hurdle

    Im a bit of a loner due to my job being quite isolated and me being quite a shy introvert. So most of my life i've struggled to get girls to like me. I start talking with them and it goes ok but eventually it fizzles out before we get to the first date. I have no clue how to keep them interested. It goes great first week but my conversations can be too generic like i'll ask them questions about themselves...
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  • Mike
    started a topic Communication in relationships

    Communication in relationships

    Communication is often the bedrock to healthy relationships. This can mean being clear about your wants and needs, being open and honest about feelings, being mindful of theirs and a host of other things. When you and your partner aren't communicating properly, it's really easy to end up feeling frustrated and misunderstood.

    No matter how hard we try, however, there are...
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  • Shaunie
    started a topic I'm so comfused. Tw?

    I'm so comfused. Tw?

    This is something I hate talking about because I always feel ashamed and guilty. But not speaking about it made me go mental and end up sectioned. I found myself filled with guilt and in a horrible state.
    When i was 15 -16 I was in a relationship for first time. Few months went past and then things got bad. He wanted sex and did without my consent.
    But what people aren't getting is that...
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  • What age should you start having sex?

    The average age for having sex is 16 ( However, there are many who do it a lot younger! When is the right time?

    Is the age not the important part but how long you have been in the relationship and whether there is mutual trust, respect and love?...
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  • The Mix
    started a topic Body image and sex

    Body image and sex

    Hey everyone,

    Keeping with the spirit of Eating Disorder Awareness Week coming up, we thought it would be interesting to talk a bit about how body image can affect your sex life. Since it's super hard to find a time to use this emoji, I'm taking this opportunity ->

    When you're feeling insecure about your body, approaching physical intimacy with someone can be...
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  • Aidan
    started a topic Dating for social phobics

    Dating for social phobics

    Many mental illnesses make it harder to engage with others socially, never mind sexually, but social phobia in particular is very common and always hinders your attempts to even be with others- especially those you find attractive.

    Since I'm very socially withdrawn and introverted- and also socially phobic/anxious like millions of others- I was wondering if anyone had any tips for, well,...
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  • One-in-a-million
    started a topic My friend

    My friend

    I have this guy friend and we have been friends for a couple of years. I do quite like him but I know he only wants to be friends. I haven't told him how I feel because I don't want to make things awkward between us.

    I haven't had much luck relationship wise a lot of jerks who either already have a girlfriend or guys who give me the impression that they just want the sex.
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  • The Mix
    started a topic What is Polyamory?

    What is Polyamory?

    So, most of us probably know the majority of relationships to be monogamous - a strong commitment and bond between two people. However, the flip side to this is polyamorous relationships - where multiple people engage in fully consensual romantic and sexual relationships. This FAQ page explains it well:

    There are a lot of misconceptions around polyamory. It often gets confused...
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  • The Mix
    started a topic The Pro's and Con's of LDRs

    The Pro's and Con's of LDRs

    Itís the start of term Ė which mean that loved ones may be moving away to university or college.

    So letís talk continue talking about Long distances relationships.(LDRs)

    Research into long distance relationships concluded that:

    Research also showed that:

    So the research shows us that...
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