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  • Relationship Commitment - how do you know if a relationship is right for you?

    Hey everyone,

    Committing to a relationship can be a big decision to make, so it’s really important to take your time to think about whether you want to be in a relationship. For some people they can be on the fence about whether or not to commit to their partner, and for others, they just know when it's right.

    There are range of different factors that some...
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  • One-in-a-million
    started a topic Night club groping

    Night club groping

    Just wondering how people deal with being groped by strangers in a night club. I used to love a night out and would always enjoy myself but since my diagnosis of epilepsy I've had to tone it down a bit with the drink.

    So now it can sometimes be hard to enjoy myself when I'm sober and surrounded by drunk people.

    I was out last night and some gut on the dance floor was dancing...
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  • kian98
    started a topic Do you guys know why she did this?

    Do you guys know why she did this?

    i was looking down & doing my work & then when I looked up I saw the girl i liked looking at me & smiling then she looked down at my collarbone then she looked up at my face while smiling so I just looked away. Then when I was talking to one of my friend I couldn’t really hear him cause I had my headphones on & he said ian did you hear what I said & i said no. Then I heard...
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  • Sholay09
    started a topic Not being treated as an adult

    Not being treated as an adult

    Hello my name is Shola and I feel very angry about people not treating me as an adult when they should do as I am now 19 and free to do as I please basically like date people older than me without anyone stopping me or saying negative things as all adults should be treated the same as they are not children.
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  • kian98
    started a topic You guys know what this means?

    You guys know what this means?

    so theres this girl i kinda have a crush on so last week I was staring into space & the girl i liked was looking at me while i was staring into space. Then later I was staring at the wall & when i look over she was Leaning her Head Against her Hand While looking at me & smiling. Then the next day she said Ē i donít know why he looks at me.
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  • Aife
    started a topic Sexual desire differences in relationships

    Sexual desire differences in relationships

    Hey everyone,

    Research has found that for many couples, they will experiences different levels of sex drive at some point in their relationship. This research suggests that for some people, having a different sex drive to their partner can cause issues in their relationship and result in lower relationship satisfaction.

    How do you think people can listen to their partner's...
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  • Feeling like I cannot have kisses and cuddles anymore

    Hello I am 19 years old and my name is Shola and I just really hate it when good things keep going up to a certain age or when they keep coming to an end. I also hate it when people are trying to say that I cannot have kisses and cuddles as much as I used to when I still should be able to no matter how old I get as it is normal for anyone of any age to have lots of cuddles and kisses and to really...
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  • Laura12345
    started a topic Friday Date- Awful! X

    Friday Date- Awful! X

    So on Friday I went on a first date with someone who is 11yrs older than me (he is 31 and I'm 20). Anyway we known each other from work and I thought I liked him more than just friends but after Friday its a completely different feeling.

    ​Basically on Friday we met up in town and we went to the park together. He then asked me if I wanted a hug so we did and he said he wanted to...
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  • One-in-a-million
    started a topic Online dating so far

    Online dating so far

    I posted a while back about my bad luck with guys and said I was thinking of online dating. I did try it in the end for a month and well..

    So far I'm pleased to say I've been speaking to someone for a while now and I really like him. He checks all my boxes. Caring, funny, cheeky, easygoing and not soppy.

    We ate still in the getting to know each other and are both happy with...
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  • jj231
    started a topic dispair & distress

    dispair & distress

    I'm hoping that someone can help me with my current situation thats causing me a lot of pain and distress. I'm a 23 year old guy who was born and raised in Sheffield, England at the age of 16 I moved to Canada with my Mum & Dad. A year or so later I met a girl and fell for her, her name is Kelsey and she is my age. Me & Kelsey always had a special bond and although some times were very rocky...
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  • Lost my best friend and the girl I love all in one

    Okay so this will be a bit of a long one. I'll try my best to narrow it down, but apologies if I drone on. I'll start from the beginning.

    In my last year of university I started in a relationship with a girl who I considered one of my best friends, we had slept with eachother before but this was our first time properly being together. And for the first 6 months it was absolutely amazing....
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  • hxney_xx
    started a topic Confused.


    I have this friend, who I love. Sadly, he doesn't feel the same. We was never in a relationship however, we do take part in sexual actions, by this I mean ( sex, oral). He used to care a lot for me, but things changed and he doesn't feel the same way as he did before. I truly miss the old him. Anyways, we are still doing sexual actions but, I like him and he don't so it like.. hmm. but, I feel like...
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    Last edited by Kathleen; 05-06-2017, 04:52 PM.

  • Laura12345
    started a topic Pregnant again! Not Planned!

    Pregnant again! Not Planned!

    So many of you may have seen my recent posts about abortion and what happened back in 2015 on my birthday.

    ​Anyway I found out a week ago that I am pregnant yet again. This was not planned and I don't even remember anything happening. The whole situation seems so strange because all I can remember is going out for a celebration and then my friend dropping me home because I had quite...
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    Last edited by Kathleen; 05-06-2017, 04:53 PM.

  • Meggles
    started a topic I'm really struggling

    I'm really struggling

    I've come home for easter.. I havent been back here since my nan's funeral. It feels so werid knowing that this visit I won't see her at all.. not alive or at her funeral. I actually don't want to be at home. It hold so many memories that it hurts.
    I've been spending a lot of time by water, and in woods and around bridges and I'm scared to as why. I know I feel so hopeless and pointless right...
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  • Kaitiiia
    started a topic Confused and curious about being trans

    Confused and curious about being trans

    Hey, I am gay and recently ive been dressing as a woman and loving acting like a woman and i'm a bit curious about being transgender. Like i just want some peoples advice and opinions on the subject as a whole?
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