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  • Mike
    started a topic Communication in relationships

    Communication in relationships

    Communication is often the bedrock to healthy relationships. This can mean being clear about your wants and needs, being open and honest about feelings, being mindful of theirs and a host of other things. When you and your partner aren't communicating properly, it's really easy to end up feeling frustrated and misunderstood.

    No matter how hard we try, however, there are...
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  • Shaunie
    started a topic I'm so comfused. Tw?

    I'm so comfused. Tw?

    This is something I hate talking about because I always feel ashamed and guilty. But not speaking about it made me go mental and end up sectioned. I found myself filled with guilt and in a horrible state.
    When i was 15 -16 I was in a relationship for first time. Few months went past and then things got bad. He wanted sex and did without my consent.
    But what people aren't getting is that...
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  • What age should you start having sex?

    The average age for having sex is 16 ( However, there are many who do it a lot younger! When is the right time?

    Is the age not the important part but how long you have been in the relationship and whether there is mutual trust, respect and love?...
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  • The Mix
    started a topic Body image and sex

    Body image and sex

    Hey everyone,

    Keeping with the spirit of Eating Disorder Awareness Week coming up, we thought it would be interesting to talk a bit about how body image can affect your sex life. Since it's super hard to find a time to use this emoji, I'm taking this opportunity ->

    When you're feeling insecure about your body, approaching physical intimacy with someone can be...
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  • Aidan
    started a topic Dating for social phobics

    Dating for social phobics

    Many mental illnesses make it harder to engage with others socially, never mind sexually, but social phobia in particular is very common and always hinders your attempts to even be with others- especially those you find attractive.

    Since I'm very socially withdrawn and introverted- and also socially phobic/anxious like millions of others- I was wondering if anyone had any tips for, well,...
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  • One-in-a-million
    started a topic My friend

    My friend

    I have this guy friend and we have been friends for a couple of years. I do quite like him but I know he only wants to be friends. I haven't told him how I feel because I don't want to make things awkward between us.

    I haven't had much luck relationship wise a lot of jerks who either already have a girlfriend or guys who give me the impression that they just want the sex.
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  • The Mix
    started a topic What is Polyamory?

    What is Polyamory?

    So, most of us probably know the majority of relationships to be monogamous - a strong commitment and bond between two people. However, the flip side to this is polyamorous relationships - where multiple people engage in fully consensual romantic and sexual relationships. This FAQ page explains it well:

    There are a lot of misconceptions around polyamory. It often gets confused...
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  • The Mix
    started a topic The Pro's and Con's of LDRs

    The Pro's and Con's of LDRs

    Itís the start of term Ė which mean that loved ones may be moving away to university or college.

    So letís talk continue talking about Long distances relationships.(LDRs)

    Research into long distance relationships concluded that:

    Research also showed that:

    So the research shows us that...
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  • If you had sexual problem who would you turn to?

    TheMix or other online help
    GP or other expert
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    Continuing on this month topic of sexual satisfaction. A recent study (National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles) has shown that a large proportion of young people experience sex problems. For women, the most common problem was a difficulty to reach climax, Were as for men it was climaxing too quickly. (The grass is always greener on the other side ). There is a really interesting arti...
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    Last edited by Eddy; 17-08-2016, 02:22 PM.

  • What's Your Favourite Thing About Your Relationship?

    For all of the people who are currently in a relationship, can you think of the one thing you love the most?

    It could be something funny or something serious. There's always something that makes us smile.

    Post your answers below ...
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  • Which is more important sexual satisfaction or relationship satisfaction?

    relationship satisfaction
    sexual satisfaction
    other please state below
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    This month we’re talking about sexual satisfaction and want to know what this means to you.

    There's been some research that says that people who have a higher level of general satisfaction in their relationship and tend to be happier with their sex lives and vice versa. No surprise there! But help us test a theory...we reckon that for some people it's...
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    Last edited by Eddy; 17-08-2016, 02:42 PM.

  • Tasha
    started a topic What Qualities Are You Attracted to?

    What Qualities Are You Attracted to?

    When we are attracted to someone, it is great to be attracted to something more than their physical features. We are then able to feel something much more. Whether it leads to something more or not, it's nice to see the qualities you wish to see in a person.

    What qualities are you attracted to?

    It could be:

    Sense of humour, intelligence, loving
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    Last edited by Tasha; 09-08-2016, 09:09 PM.

  • Top 3 life priorities – what are they?

    We all have certain things that take priority in our life. These things shape our personality, and dictate how we go about each day; by determining the decisions we make.

    You may prioritise something you haven’t got yet; like a future dream to become a pilot, something you do have and treasure immensely; like your mischievous pet dog, or even place a priority on something...
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    Last edited by zaynah; 16-01-2017, 02:08 PM.

  • What they don't teach at school: talking about sex?

    Let's face it, sex education at school can be pretty basic. Talking about sex can be difficult and downright embarrassing - I'm sure most of us have stories about the 'sex talk' done badly (I still have nightmares about a certain teacher unglamorously ripping a condom on a large cucumber!)

    Though that is better than nothing. A study from 2010 found that
    50% of disabled...
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  • DG
    started a topic Northwest London Universities - Anyone Going to One?

    Northwest London Universities - Anyone Going to One?

    I was wondering if anyone is going to a University in North West London such as Brunel, University of Westminster Harrow Campus, Middlesex, University of West London, etc?

    I'd like to know what it's like for nightlife in the general area WITHOUT having to resort to going into central London and also if there's much going on with clubs and societies in your uni.
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