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  • Meggles
    started a topic Self Care

    Self Care

    hey guys,
    my recent post and a comment from another user has made me realise that self care is so important.
    I wanted to start a thread in the Health and Wellbeing section of the boards about self care.

    Self care is provided by you, for you

    I know a lot of us are struggling at the moment with different aspects of our own lives, and sometimes we get so lost in...
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  • Anonnymousse
    started a topic Off meds and not coping

    Off meds and not coping

    I'm wondering what I have to do to be seen by a psychiatrist in this country. I'm from the US, so the system is different.

    I was given a referral to a psychiatrist but very disappointed when instead of seeing the dr at my appointment, it was a nurse. I left the appointment feeling invalidated and as if she didn't listen. When I got a copy of the assessment, she had put words into my mouth...
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  • Abigail
    started a topic I'm Stressed

    I'm Stressed

    Im so sorry.
    Im stressing about results day on the 24th. I'm worried about not getting the result i need and want. Also everyday im having to prove to people that I'm better than they think i am. I hate it. I really just want to stop worrying and and thinking but there is nothing i can do.
    My stress levels are horrible. I've had to move to the garage tonight to stop myself from doing anything...
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  • amy#36
    started a topic When to go to A&E.

    When to go to A&E.


    I am currently really struggling with my mental health but keep getting what feels like the same pointless advice. I get told to either call 999 for an ambulance or get to A&E myself (which are both things I can't atcaly do but no-one understands that).

    What I am confused by is am I supposed to call 999/goto A&E when I WANT to harm myself but haven't yet or AFTER...
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  • Tom95
    started a topic Just curious? (Depression/ anxiety)

    Just curious? (Depression/ anxiety)

    Hi guys,

    So I'm turning 22 next week, and I can honestly say these past four years have been the most challenging of my life so far. Despite being in a loving relationship (Which recently ended) for the majority of these four years, I've pretty much constantly battled this self inflicted 'truth' that I'm an absolute disaster. This idea arose shortly after I got with my now ex when I had...
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    Last edited by Tom95; 30-07-2017, 05:13 PM.

  • SPD37
    started a topic Dead end.

    Dead end.

    I obsess over my mental health; taking endless online tests and quizzes to figure out what's going on upstairs. Many conclusions have been made, the one that I feel most applies to me is schizotypal personality disorder. I'm only 17, so get refused any sort of diagnosis, medication or any sort of help... My mind is a disease.
    I can't sleep at night due to the fear of "it" coming for...
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  • I need Medical help but I can't open up so I can!! HELP!!!!!

    First let me just explain. For the last few weeks / days I'll be playing with my friend like watching youtube or something than all of a sudden I my whole body would "Freakout"

    My friend kept saying to me you need to tell someone about this and get it looked at. Every time i see him he says that.

    I looked into it and turns out i have epilepsy. This information I...
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  • Shaunie
    started a topic Life is too stressful

    Life is too stressful

    I spend to much time thinking about life, why we are here and things like what happens after death. More than I'm actually living. I can't question it and live it til I know the answers. Know the actual reason and point of being here. Cause i really dont get it. Cause in the less morbid way - we all die. Maybe i need to turn religious or something idk. But i need some hope.

    Im always...
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  • Shadows
    started a topic Struggling with my mental health

    Struggling with my mental health

    I've been coming off my depression medication slowly the past few months, after being on them for a year and half.

    My suicidal thoughts having been plaguing me the past few weeks. I've been cold, feeling numb, shutting down emotionally, hating everyone and everything again. Slightly snappy. And my self harming urges have been making a come back.

    I just don't know what to...
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  • turtle09
    started a topic Autism


    Hi .
    So I got diagnosed with higher functioning autism formerly asperges, on Wednesday. I have a limited understanding of autism and only know from my perspective what it is like. I wonder if anyone on here has a similar diagnosis?

    I have applied to go onto a post diagnosis hour session.
    Hope you have a nice day.
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  • T/W - Crisis, feel like I just mess everything up

    *Trigger warning*

    I haven't properly introduced myself here, so I'm sorry. I can't think straight at the moment.

    Basically, I'm going into a crisis and I don't have a single person to talk to at the moment. Everyone I know has either shut me off, moved on or just ignores me.

    I'm thinking about how much having depression has ruined my life, the misunderstandings...
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  • horsemad
    started a topic So I did it :)

    So I did it :)

    Hey guys

    I want to first apologise to you all for the way I've been recently!!!!

    So today I did it ! I reached out and asked for help and I'm so glad I have let someone in and get a lot out and told her most of the stuff. It was hard because she's a nurse and even though we know each other personally it's was hard but I did it !!!
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    Last edited by Kathleen; 27-06-2017, 05:29 PM.

  • Abigail
    started a topic Feeling like shit and wanting to give up

    Feeling like shit and wanting to give up

    Sorry if this triggers you off.
    ​Recently things have been hard for me with my caring role and since about Wednesday I have feeling quiet down and wanting to give up on everything. things that are familiar to me aren't anymore, the things I love have gone. I turned my phone off get some peace and quiet and then realised I should of done that. Im struggling. I want to give up. I want to...
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  • Meggles
    started a topic I'm just a disappointment

    I'm just a disappointment

    I just can't do this anymore. I'm sorry. I'm so tired of putting on this happy face that means nothing. I'm in so much physical and emotional pain daily I can't cope.
    I'm also just some huge disappointment and everyone really hates me. I don't see the point in anything anymore. I always feel so alone and isolated because everyone hates me.
    Ive lost all my support and no one cares anymore....
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    Last edited by Kathleen; 27-06-2017, 05:24 PM.

  • Charlotte
    started a topic I can't keep going

    I can't keep going

    I am really lost and don't know what to do. I can't do this I want help but will never be able to get help so I don't see the point in anything anymore sorry
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