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  • Robert
    started a topic Homelessness


    Why are the vast majority of homeless rough sleepers single men? Are they discriminated against in regard to housing - or perhaps in general? It can't be coincidence that very few women and couples are sleeping rough. How is being a single man a major risk factor for becoming homeless? How does being attached and/or female act as a protective factor against becoming homeless? Millions of people claim...
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    Last edited by Robert; 08-03-2017, 06:38 PM.

  • ablemajor
    started a topic What's it like in Dublin?

    What's it like in Dublin?

    is it safe? Would I get beaten up, since i'm not a white person?
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  • have trouble with eating and feeling with gaining weight????????

    soooo.....basically, I have trouble eating a lot, and I feel sick often - even after eating a small amount. I want to try to gain weight (even though I hate gaining weight, even the thought of it) and get up to around 8st (my boyfriend also advised that too. I am 5 foot 1", 18 years old, and around 7st 6lbs. A few weeks ago I was told I was underweight at the doctors (was around 6st 10lbs). At...
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  • Tasha
    started a topic UK Blog Awards 2017

    UK Blog Awards 2017

    Hey everyone,

    I've been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2017 in the Lifestyle Category.

    Feel free to check out my blog via and if you like it I would really appreciate your vote

    Thank you!...
    Natasha Bolger Media commenced in August 2015 a month after I graduated. I am a 22-year-old Blogger, Contributing Writer, and Marketing Assistant from Salford, Manchester. This blog shares 'Reflections of Life and Everything Else' and aims to inspire at least one person with each blog post.
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  • Organic September - Are you doing anything for it?

    Since we are in Organic September, I thought I would ask you all if you are doing anything for it?

    Do you eat organically? Do you use organic products in your home?

    I wasn't aware of this awareness event until a couple of days ago so it would be even more interesting to hear everybody's views.

    You can read more here....
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  • **helen**
    started a topic Instagems


    I'm pretty sure we've got a fair few Instagram fans around these parts...

    I've got a mini sharing challenge to help people find more pics/accounts that motivate and inspire.

    So the task is to share

    1) Share an account that boosts your mood

    2) Share an account that fascinates/impresses you

    3) Share an account that makes you laugh
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  • apandav
    started a topic Awkward Moments

    Awkward Moments

    Hi everyone,

    As much as we don't want to admit it we have all had those awkward moments - the ones you swear to yourself never to tell anyone. Well the good news is you can now share those moments with other users of TheMix - we don't bite I promise

    It wouldn't be fair for me to make this thread, without sharing some of my awkward moments:

    Walking into...
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  • apandav
    started a topic Lets talk TV

    Lets talk TV

    After looking through this topic, I can find threads about films and books but nothing about TV. Hence I thought it would be cool to share with each other what we are currently watching, the good, bad and ugly TV shows, series we are addicted to and just anything related to TV!

    Looking forward to hearing what you are all watching
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  • apandav
    started a topic What do you do when your bored?

    What do you do when your bored?

    So I'm interested to find out what others do when they are feeling bored? Maybe it's a hobby, interest or just something simple like watching TV.

    Personally, I have too much free time at the moment and I wish I had a proper hobby! I've started reading again and I'm enjoying my mindfulness colouring in book. But I still have too much time on my hands!
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  • Jo7
    started a poll Heatwave - good or bad?

    Heatwave - good or bad?

    Love it! Bring it onnnn!
    Hate it! I want to hide in the fridge
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    I noticed in chat last week some of you love the warm weather and some of you hate it!

    With a heatwave on the cards this week and temperatures in there 30s due on Wednesday - what do you reckon - love it or hate it?

    And why? ...
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  • Boycotting Amazon for Christmas?

    Amazon Anonymous is a campaign that encourages people to stop shopping at Amazon because they say that Amazon: "donít pay their workers a Living Wage. They dodge their tax. They take money away from our local shops."

    So far, people have pledged to spend £2.59 million elsewhere between December 1st and 25th.

    What do you think? Are Amazon worse than other online...
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  • Redhead
    started a topic TheSite Advent Calender

    TheSite Advent Calender

    So as we can't physically open boxes of chockie on here...Here's the next best thing?

    Day One: I think christmas is, as its just full of..people coming together and being happy :3...
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  • angel
    started a topic old programs

    old programs

    Anyone rember any old programs

    ♡ boo

    What programs can u rember
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  • Danny!
    started a topic Is this tweet offensive?

    Is this tweet offensive?

    Emily Thornberry caused a massive row by tweeting this picture. She's been forced to resign and accused of being a snob and out of touch with working people.

    What do you think - offensive piece of snobbery? A silly mistake?

    Is it foolish for people in the public eye to use Twitter, when one tweet can cause so much damage? (The Queen limited her first...
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  • BeckiBoo
    started a topic Positive thread

    Positive thread

    Hey guys

    I've just started my positive book and I got an idea for a thread. Positive thread!! So I'll be asking a different question each day to try and think of the positives in life The first one is......

    What one person/object could you not live with out?
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