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  • Shaunie
    started a topic Family stress

    Family stress

    This is pretty long so im not sure anyone will read it - let alone know what to say or how to help. But if anyone does. it will be much appreciated (:

    I am hating my home life and family life so so much right now and making me so depressed. Everyone is constantly aruging and i dunno if i am the problem or what or if i am in the wrong. And all just a bit of a mess

    The situation...
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  • ShatteredSecrets
    started a topic Fat Fat Fat

    Fat Fat Fat


    Basically I have been having this issue for a very long time and just don't know what to do about it. I first started worrying about my weight at around aged 5. I always felt different. Disgusting. Ugly. I can even look at photos from when I was that age and be disgusted. This was also the age when things started to change. From then on my weight was always an issue within my family....
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  • Syrup
    started a topic Marriage dilemma

    Marriage dilemma

    I am recently engaged to my partner of 7 years. I want to get married in March 14, a small vintage style wedding.
    My brother is currently serving a prison sentence for death by dangerous driving. He got 21 months with time off for good behaviour. I would expect him to be out before the wedding but not sure.
    Mum was originally ok with the idea but has now sprung the fact...
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  • AliceF
    started a topic Family.



    its more complicated that we think.
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