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  • Katies140
    started a topic I don't know how to make friends in RL

    I don't know how to make friends in RL

    Hi so I have no idea how to talk to people in RL I prefer to talk to men as I don't have alot in common with women and women make me a little uncomfortable, I know a couple of women that I get on with online but they really grate on me when I'm with them in person I get on with men both online and in person. I'd like a friend who lived near me and I could spend time with as I said in my intro I'd...
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  • Katies140
    started a topic Hi


    Hi I'm Katie I'm 27 and really lonely I have a few friends online but other than that I have no friends that I can do things with, I have disabilities that prevent me from working however I do go to a visually impaired drama group they are nice people but all live too far from me and don't drive (for obvious reasons). I'd like to be to be friends with my neighbour/landlord because he seems quite lonely...
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