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  • Hey everyone - just a quick message to say I've moved this to our Gender & Sexuality forum.

    Worth bearing in mind too that the great thing about using open threads like this is that you can hear from lots of people.

    How are you getting on Kaitiiia?
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  • James
    replied to Weekly Challenge #4
    Just a quick hint - if you need inspiration, try Googling 'word of the day' - a tonne of websites feature words of the day

    For example, here's one I found:

    prelapsarian (n): characteristic of or pertaining to any innocent or carefree period: a prelapsarian youth.

    Pretty awesome!

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  • Hey Shaunie,

    Sorry to hear that you're in hospital - hope things aren't too bad?

    Looks like you've got there already, but you can apply for an emergency proxy vote if you'd like someone else to vote for you
    In case you need it, there's some info on how to do that here. Note that the person voting for you would need to get to the polling station before 5pm today ...
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  • James
    replied to Im no good
    Hey Jessica,

    It sounds like things felt pretty intense for you last night and sorry to hear that you're having suicidal thoughts. I gather things are super tough for you right now, and from what you said, you're just about coping, but finding it harder and harder to do. Is that right?

    Anger is a powerful emotion, and it can be really tough when it takes over because it sometimes...
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