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  • thanks for the advice. u said about going to my GP, but I don't know how I could do that because I'm too young to go by myself. also I can never tell anyone other than anonymous people online how actually I'm feeling for some reason. I never really open up to anyone. a while go my mum sent me to councelling sessions because my dad died but I didn't actually need it then because for a weird reason...
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  • i just want to kill myself or run away and get on a plane or a boat i don't even care anymore i cant stay here I'm depressed and i deserve to die but i don't even have a reason for it. I'm trying to stop self harm but its so tempting and life sucks anyway
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  • bluemoonlight24
    replied to Absent-minded
    i don't really know anything about this, but have you told a doctor or something? also there are lots of apps and games with things like mind excercises that are meant to help with quicker thinking so i guess you could try one of them? sorry if this wasn't helpful i was just thinking of an idea...
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  • bluemoonlight24
    replied to Help !!!!!!!
    hi, I'm not great at comforting people but you should know that whatever is happening right now, it will eventually get better, even if it takes years. you are important to people in this world so surround yourself with these people. i hope you fing a way to feel better and u can talk to me if u need to ❤
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  • help! i think i might have depression

    ​I'm just going to say it right away: I feel absolutely terrible. i have felt like this for over a month and i feel just bad all the time. i was looking through some stuff online when i saw a post talking about depression and things that show that you could have it. lots of the things listed applied to me. so I'm pretty sure ive got depression, but i cant talk about it with anyone....
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