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  • PositiveAura
    started a topic Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone!

    ​It's only my second week on here as a Relationship Squad Volunteer but I'm so happy to be a part of The Mix, connecting and helping people as much as I can!

    ​A lot of what I do is in the Health and Wellness area and I am currently doing my Exercise Referral Qualification whilst I continue to follow my passion as a Life Coach/Personal Trainer....
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  • Hi Abigail

    ​There's no need to say sorry or apologise for the way you feel at all, we're here to help and whatever you feel and think is all ok! We won't judge or push you into anything.

    ​I wasn't sure how you felt about seeing him and I just wanted to give you as much advice as I could. But now I see what you meant.

    ​I understand where you...
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  • "Hi everyone

    ​This is a great topic SunshineSoul, and that is so true - Love is Love.

    So I think the main worry when 'coming out' is acceptance, right?
    ​How people will react, what they might think of you, how things might change. I thing the big thing to remember here is:
    "Those who matter, don't mind. And those who mind, don't matter."...
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  • Hi there Abigail

    ​It sounds like you're under a lot of pressure from different people and it's understandable that it is building up for you.

    Maybe your family and counsellor have noticed how much you are curious about him and so are excited for you to spend some time with him - though I can tell that they are being too much for you. It can be hard when everyone...
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  • It's great to hear back from you supergirl.

    ​It is understandable that you may feel weak sometimes but remember how much you have overcome and all the obstacles that you have tackled.
    ​It takes a very strong person to do that so even when you are down and upset, try to remember that this weakness is just a feeling but it isn't so.

    ​It is good that...
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  • ​Hi

    I think this is a really important question since there are still so many people out there who aren't accepting of the LGBTQ+ community and when it is someone that is close to you, it can be really difficult to deal with this.

    ​I think a lot of this is due to the fact that we believe family will always give you unconditional love and when you find that...
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  • Hi everyone

    ​It is true - there are many things that you need to take into consideration when starting a new relationship. I think one of the big things for me personally is:
    How do they make you feel?

    ​Emotions are a big thing and how people treat you can effect this. We all have our ups and downs, our anxious days, our angry days, our happy days and our...
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  • Hi supergirl

    ​I hope you know you are not alone in how you are feeling, the past can creep up on us in many areas of our lives and it sounds like you have gone through a lot with your ex.

    ​I agree with many of the things that Glenn has said above, and if possible, you should allow yourself to feel these emotions. Everything you feel is valid here. Many...
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