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  • ​That sounds amazing! You sound like an expert, at least I know who to ask for some advice! ​ I think Enchanted Forest Snow would be ace, and Emma from the season 4 finale?

    Oh my gosh a Minion!? That is really cool, did you paint yourself yellow and everything?

    ​I think you're right about maybe starting a cosplay/fandom thread! Remember you can always start one too! ...
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  • SunshineSoul
    started a topic Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone


    ​Call me Sunny, I am new to TheMix and part of the Sex & Relationships team, here to offer any advice you may need!
    ​I am also an LGBTQ+ ally so feel free to ask my advice about any LGBTQ+ issues you may have!

    ​To get things started, I'd love to know at least 3 things about yourself so get posting below!

    1. I love to travel...
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  • ​I think it's amazing how creative fans can be and some of the costumes are incredible! It will be my first one and so it will all be very new to me but I guess I could have a go! I'd love to cosplay The Evil Queen but I think Emma would be easier for me so we shall see! Have you cos-played before?...
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  • Hi!

    ​Orphan Black and Sense8 are two that I have been watching religiously, they are both very binge-worthy!

    Hann Once Upon A Time is my all time favourite show, so much that I am going to a comic-con next year for it!

    ​-SunshineSoul ...
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  • LGBTQ+ Coming Out Stories. What is yours?

    Hi all!

    ​In the LGBTQ+ community our 'coming out' stories are all so varied. Whilst some of us have it easy, other people can find it difficult to find the support from the people closest to them. I'd be interested in hearing about your own experiences and to see what advice we can all offer one another.

    ​If you are still yet to come out about your sexuality,...
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  • Hi Meggles

    ​I just wanted to check in, how have you been doing? Have you been able to enjoy a couple of the sunny days we have had?

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  • Hi Meggles,
    Thank you for having the courage to post how you are feeling. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a really tough time at the moment. Always remember that there is someone willing to listen to your worries. I can totally understand that life can be full of many obstacles and sometimes it can feel like it never gives you a break but things in life are forever changing and that means...
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  • Hi Laura,

    ​That's great to hear about your work situation improving. I have been in your position previously and have felt similar feelings in regards to delegation of tasks. I have personally found having an open and honest line of communication with my manager meant that we could work together to improve the work environment so don't be afraid to speak up and let your manager...
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  • Hi all!

    Relationships can be tricky and sometimes they are difficult to navigate. Sometimes youíve been in one too long to realise itís not right. Sometimes you get so comfortable with unhappiness that you forget what happiness looks like, or donít feel like you can do better. But when youíre in the right relationship, everything is different. The sun shines brighter, your soul...
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