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  • Lucie
    replied to Relapse of mental health problems
    I had psychotherapy which is less coping strategies and more talking through to have a deeper understanding, which I do about a lot of my issues now. Cbt etc etc never worked for me.

    I don't take anything for granted, I work with some very very poorly children and I see first hand the struggles that can be faced by young people and their families. That doesn't take away the fact that...
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  • Lucie
    replied to Relapse of mental health problems
    Thanks for your reply Mike. I've spoken to uni who have been accepting so far and have suggested I get signed off by the gp so I don't have to complete the current placement I am on.

    I'm not keen on going to the gp as I want to adopt a child in the future and I am fully aware that adopting with a recent mental health record is almost impossible. I think it's something I'll just have...
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  • Men and women can definitely just be friends, if my fiancÚ could get a lift home from a colleague every day I'd be really happy as it makes his journey so much quicker than if he got the bus!!

    It sounds like there is a deeper issue of trust that is causing you to feel like this. Is there a reason you may feel anxious about something happening between her and a coworker?
    Long distance...
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  • Hi,

    My partner is transgender so I can offer some advice from that point of view. It's important to remember that gender is a spectrum and maybe one day you feel comfortable dressed as a woman and other days you won't.

    My partner is a binary trans person but before he came out as trans he thought he was a lesbian. I think you just need to explore your feelings, do you like...
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  • Lucie
    started a topic Relapse of mental health problems

    Relapse of mental health problems

    I used to post on here when it was the site but have started a new account as I last accessed the message boards years ago. Hopefully that is okay.

    I've been pretty well for a while, I got discharged from the mental health services last December. In the past few weeks though my mental health has been horrendous and I feel like I've taken so many steps back in my recovery....
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