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  • Friend is Self-Harming - Advice? [May Trigger]

    Hi Boards,

    Recently I've become aware my boyfriend is self-harming. I don't know what to do. I suffer with self-harm myself, and frankly whilst I've managed to mostly keep on top of it, I'm still not the best and I feel my advice may not be suitable/the best. His parents are not suitable to tell for various reasons. He's selective mute and aspie, so he finds communication difficult at...
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  • I'm happy to be messaged about this if you want a hand exploring gender identity - it can be super confusing....
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  • TKD
    replied to Autism
    I think what you're discussing is the difference between instinctual and cognitive empathy. IDK if those are the 'official' terms, but that's what I use. I have very little instinctual empathy - if someone is sad, I often struggle to understand why, or how. But I 'choose' to be empathetic towards them, to support them and try and make them feel better, whether I 'get it' or not....
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