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"Hey notagain

Just wanted to drop by and say I hope you are okay. Remember a relapse doesn't mean the end of recovery. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep fighting lovely girl <3"
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Hello Everyone!

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  • Hello Everyone!

    I'm Elizabeth, turning 17 in a month, and I've been suffering through a lot of problems I can only seem to chalk up to loneliness. It seems pathetic, but I always find myself being alone with no one to turn to when I have issues, even if I do have friends. Seeing everyone I know hang out with each other only makes me feel more isolated, especially since I'm hardly ever invited to wherever they decide to go. I'm mostly known amongst my peers as the one person who's just there and occasionally draws or speaks up for something. Lately, since my grandmother, who I was very close to, died and my boyfriend/closest friend and I broke up, I haven't been able to vent or express my emotions like I used to, and end up staying up late crying while playing scary video games. I just want the chance for people to get to know me and feel appreciated for once, especially since people irl barely even notice I exist. If you want to talk about random things, like drawing, video games, or music; or you want to vent to each other about our own problems, I'd love to talk. Other things that are important to me include environmentalism and feminism, in case anyone wants to help me learn more about the world.

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    Heya!! Welcome to the boards! Im Eleanor, 14. So sorry to hear what you're going through I hope this place can provide you the support you need 😊😊
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      Welcome to the community, hipstercop. What a lovely intro.

      That's an awful lot to be going through, so do make the make yourself at home here and feel free to use some of the support forums. Nice to see you've already posted in Sex & Rels.
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        Hey hipstercop, welcome to the community


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