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  • Hey...

    Thought I'd introduce myself - I'm 21, female, and in my 2nd year of uni. I had an amazing first year, but for various reasons second year has been really hard, and I've found that a lot of small problems I used to have have manifested themselves in a more serious way. The trouble is that one of the things I struggle with is self-esteem, in term of image but also in terms of people not taking me seriously, which means that I'm reluctant to seek help from people (and I'm already not the most outgoing person!).

    Aside from all the drama, I like to read, take photos, read some more, find out about bizarre/less-well-known/stigmatised topics (I'm an odd person :D ), and plan. I love planning. I'm a compulsive list maker. I plan things that will never happen, make contingency plans for disasters that will never occur, all sorts! Also I love fashion, alll sides of it from mainstream trends to obscure fashion, street style, sewing, jewellery making etc etc. I have trouble throwing away magazines, I counted 71 after my last clear-out...

    Okay, long intro, shall stop rambling now. Looking forward to getting to know people

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    Another list maker here! and love taking photos..there's a photo thread somewhere on here (I would find a link but my laptops on a go-slow) that you might like

    Nina x
    Twit twoo.


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      welcome to the boards


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