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"Hey Lucie,

You say you're still on medication and have had lots of therapy? Maybe it's a matter of revisiting old coping techniques and anything else like that, that therapy taught you?

And Drea is absolutely right! Even someone with everything material that they could ever want isn't insusceptible to mental illness. Any sex, race, age, class; it doesn't discriminate...
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I'm new and I don't really know what I'm doing?

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  • I'm new and I don't really know what I'm doing?

    Hey I'm Harry, I'm 18 and urm yeah, I don't know who I'm allowed to talk to? I'm sorta going through a rough time and I guess I'd rather try something anonymous like this than tell doctors and police and feel humiliated.

    I like listening and helping other people with their problems too, if people wana chat? I don't bite but I'm kinda sensitive right now and I don't like to talk about certain subjects but I'll try.

    Any advice on using the website would be great and I just wanted to say hi

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    Hey Harry, welcome to TheSite, I'm really glad you found us

    As you say, being anonymous here can really help to talk about stuff that otherwise can be really hard. That's the great thing about TheSite We won't judge you here and there is a really supportive community that will offer their advice, support and experiences wherever they can

    You mention you're going through a tough time and about possibly going to the doctors or the police - whatever is happening for you, you're entitled to support and if you wanted to share a bit more about your situation we will try to help.

    You might want to start a new thread in the Health forum perhaps? Or whichever forum you think suits you best. Talking - whether to someone you trust in real life, or online - is a really good first step.

    We also run a group live chat session four nights a week that you might like to pop in to. It's a great chance to get to know people and to chat about anything and everything. Here's the link for more info on that:

    Any other questions about how to use the forums or anything just ask
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    "The greater the problems you've survived, the richer your hidden history of achievement is likely to be."


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      Hi Harry,

      I am a newby to the site too, rather older than yourself, however just wanted to echo Jo and say Hi Hello and just feel at ease about anything you feel the need to say. i was'nt sure this would be the thing for me, but I find it soooo hard to confide in people and would rather like yourself be the supportive person rather than the supported! It's hard to suddenly be the person who is struggling with what to do when we are usually so independant and are the person everyone else counts on to know the answer.

      The thing i have learnt recently is that i cannot take care of others needs if I don't look after myself too. that means different things to different people. For me it is accepting that actually I do need help sometimes and I am entitled to it whatever the situation without judgement and without me feeling i am being weak or stupid.

      As for using this site, I am just tripping around it myself fining things that interest me or get involved in. i just opened a new thread on the food part of this about marmite. Yep a strange one (thats me).

      Anywho take care of you, and happy chatting! Or as in my case Waffleing!
      "What is the end for the Caterpillar is only the beginning for the Butterfly" Buddhist Proverb


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        thanks, i think things are starting to get better anyway, but I'm not sure (:


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          nice to meet you, yeah I'm still a bit confused on how the site works, but thanks (:


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            Hi Harry, Good to hear from you. And good to hear a tentative but still a positive response. You do know you can be completely honest on here Harry, so don't feel you have to brush off what you are really thinking. You say you still not sure, what is it you are not sure about? take care of you! MillieMollie (MM)
            "What is the end for the Caterpillar is only the beginning for the Butterfly" Buddhist Proverb


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              thanks, but I still feel a bit awkward telling people how i feel, even strangers :/ urm I don't know, where can I say stuff just to get it off my chest?


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                hey harryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

                god dammit, sozzaaaa i'm kinda hyper for NO reason!!!

                Just do wut i do, type random things in random conversation thingy! lol
                If u find out how to add friends will u tellllll meeeeeehhhhhh?!? lol talk soon byeeeee!


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                  Hi Harry, If you would prefer you are most welcome to send a private message to me and if you prefer I give you no response thats fine, just use the private message to me as a place to 'get it off your chest' I promise I won't comment, actually if you don't want me to read the messages I won't. private messages are accessed i think through your profile page (I think), would need to send it to milliemollie.

                  Alternatively, have you tried writing your feelings down on paper privately just to get them off your chest, have a good rant or whatever it is you need to do. I hear it can be quite cathaltic to do that and then burn it, a bit like letting it go a little with the wind.

                  What do you think? whatever you decide Harry, do come back and chat. Maybe a lighter subject, do you follow any sport? Any pets, favourite colour? I don't know anything you want to throw in the pot. and remember the loreal advert, throw back your hair and say Why? Well because I am worth it! (assuming you have hair )
                  "What is the end for the Caterpillar is only the beginning for the Butterfly" Buddhist Proverb


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                    clear some of your private messages so i can reply if need to.

                    Hi Harry, glad you found the private messages. I have tried to reply to your message you sent me but I get a message that says you need to clear some of your private messages to recieve anymore!

                    Anyway what I was going to reply was just to say if you do use that as a way to off load and you do not want me to read them then just put as the title PDNR meaning please do not read, or if we want to be having a little dark humour please do not ressucitate !
                    "What is the end for the Caterpillar is only the beginning for the Butterfly" Buddhist Proverb


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                      Clear your private messages please

                      Hey Harry,
                      I tried to send u a private message but can't cuz u got too many in ur inbox, please can u delete some?!?
                      bye xxxxbexoxxxx


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                        ok sorry i cleared it

                        i'm useless with technology...but thanks for the support (:


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                          Welcome Harry!
                          If you want to talk but don't really want a response there's the rant thread in Anything Goes, and the need a hug thread in Health. Or like the others have said you can pm people, feel free to pm me too

                          Nina x
                          Twit twoo.


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