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UPDATE: As far as we can tell, all posts made by The Mix account in the last 12 months (roughly) have been lost. We're working to retrieve them, but for now you might see some gaps or seemingly unanswered questions lying around the forums. It also means the Live Chat Announcements and We Need You sub-forums are looking pretty bare. Bear with us, we're working on it.
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"Hey lost sense,
I've had several MRI scan on my head and back i look at it as a huge ring doungnut that your going through the middle. You will has a thing over your head and will have earphones on they will speak to you through them a erasure you, I gave them my phone so they could play my playlist I was given a panic button so if I felt panicky I could press it and they would stop and get me out xx.."
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Want to tell something to work but self confidence is stopping me

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  • Want to tell something to work but self confidence is stopping me

    So on Friday (28th April) I was working 7-5 and I ended up being in fitting rooms from 9-5 apart from hour30 break on my own. It got to a stage throughout the day when it was getting busy and yet I was still on my own and I then ended up getting really stressed. It got to a stage at around 3ish I had to get a manager and a supervisor over because I was starting to feel really dizzy because my anxiety was getting bad but I didn't tell them that. I felt like that I was gonna faint and I know that this is always the start of a panic attack. I have spoken to one of the managers before and said how I cant be alone especially when its busy because it sets off my anxiety but on this day I was alone all day and it did get busy.

    ​ I know it was nearly a week ago now but its been constantly on my mind and I know that I need to tell management or a supervisor at work so they are aware of how its made me feel and so that it doesn't happen again but I lack so much confidence in talking to anyone about it.

    ​Need some advice on how I can build the confidence to speak to someone about it as work need to know

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    Hi Lura how are you?

    I'm sorry you felt this way I can understand you feeling quite anxious when it got busy but I do have to ask. Isn't there a policy saying there should be two people working at all times? I know quite a few places round where I live have a policy stating this for health and safety.

    Prehaps you could ask them about it? Or if you can contact your old supervisor prehaps you could ask her for advice?

    Hope you're ok



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      Hi Emma. I'm not good too be honest, see my PM! Yeh Friday shift wasn't good and work know before that my anxiety gets bad when I'm alone and its busy!!! There isn't a policy at my work place to say there has to be 2 members of staff working in fitting rooms at all times but they normally try and have more than one person in there at a time. I'm trying to have the confidence to speak to the manager that knows about my anxiety tomorrow and tell her how Friday made me feel so that it doesn't happen again, hopefully ill have the confidence to. Another manager said today when i was in fitting rooms before the shop opened that i couldn't sort the 3 rails out alone which they were expecting me to do so they got someone to help me. They take advantage of me because i don't complain i just get on with the job!! When I'm alone i just work twice as hard to get the job of 2 people done and then that's when my anxiety gets bad. Thanks for the reply x


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        hi. I have managed to speak to a manager about what I felt on Friday at work and they understand why the situation was hard for me and said they are always there if I need to chat about anything, There is a sign of relief now that its in the open and someone at work knows,


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