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Bosses don't mind staff leaving early?

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  • Bosses don't mind staff leaving early?

    At a few places I've worked at, the boss would bite the head off anyone who arrived late, even if just by a couple of minutes. However, those same bosses wouldn't say anything to staff who left early, leaving work incomplete. What could be the reason for that? Why is arriving a couple of minutes late considered severe wrongdoing, but going home the best part of an hour early, without completing that day's work, is turned a blind eye to? If I were a manager, I'd have a much bigger problem with my staff doing the latter thing.
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    I guess it kind depends on the workplace? But coming late to work sometimes means set up time that's missed and is key is not done - for ex one of my parnets works in a print shop and if she's late, key machines used for printing & sewing projects aren't ready to work by the time the shop opens, and since it all needs to be set up when shop opens her being late means someone else (who also has set up to do) has to set up instead..inevitably, lateness leads to people not getting serviced because some set up is missed somewhere. Applicable to..all shops, factories. Idk much about other work places, like office work though.

    Some people will be exempt from punishment for leaving early if sufficient reason is given (family emergency, arrangements due to external things like health issues, working parents needing to pick up kids) though I don't see any good workplace not punishing poeple who leave early who don't have any good reason to.
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      I'm not talking about people who need to leave for an important reason - I'm talking about people going home early and leaving work incomplete because they're lazy and selfish. I don't understand why leaving the best part of an hour early, without a legitimate reason, leaving work incomplete, was turned a blind eye to. At the same time, arriving a couple of minutes late would be met with anger from the boss, who would threaten to sack the employee should (s)he arrive late again.
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