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  • Occupational Health


    I found out today that I have been referred to Occupational Health (for the second time) and I am feeling anxious and worried about this

    Hannah x

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    Hi Hannah, thanks for posting this thread to talk about this, what have you been referred to Occupational Health for? What's causing you to feel anxious and worried about it? You're doing really well to look for some help and support for yourself here, it's really positive that you are


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      Hi Steph,

      Thank you SO much for sending a reply and showing that at least one person cares.

      I have been/am being referred back to Occupational Health due to my mental health. I am feeling anxious and worried about as I work in a school and don't want it to affect my job at all but recently it has done a little argh.

      Feeling alone...x


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        Hey Hannah,

        It's been a while since you posted! Hope you're doing well and things are better Feel free to talk more if things aren't too good or even to just update us that you're doing well!

        Have a great day,



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          Hope ur getting on alright


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            I have been signed off of work for a minimum of 6 weeks😢


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