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Best Places To Look For Work Experience?

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  • Best Places To Look For Work Experience?

    I made a thread in the Student forum yesterday because I was rather stuck on what I want to do when I'm older. I'm starting to look into computer programming and would like to some work experience between now & September. Does anyone know of the best places to look for work experience, please?

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    You can write to various companies an Email or visit them if their is any local


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      I did mine at an RAF base, twas brilliant.
      Whowhere, neither here nor there.


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        you contact the HR department at wherever you'd like to do some work experience. i'd say the best places would be the blue chip companies tbh. if you are a current university student doing a computing/engineering course why not think of taking an industrial placement year - and get paid roughly 10k for your work experience at the same time!
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          Maybe through personal contacts? Like your friends or friends of your parents or extended family? Who already work in that sector if you know anyone?

          I did my year 11 work experience at the Transport Research Lab, I got to see a couple of high speed car crashes and got to dress the crash test dummies! And lots of other fun... I loved it!
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