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"Hey Lucie,

You say you're still on medication and have had lots of therapy? Maybe it's a matter of revisiting old coping techniques and anything else like that, that therapy taught you?

And Drea is absolutely right! Even someone with everything material that they could ever want isn't insusceptible to mental illness. Any sex, race, age, class; it doesn't discriminate...
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  • #16
    I feel soooo shit. My family was telling me this morning i need to do my college work right before i had to go to work. Like clearly im going to be moody anyway. And i just broke down and started crying and told them I cant concentration on my future and education when im trying to get by each day without killing myself. And adding more stress and emotions to how i already feel.

    I felt like shit that they had to hear me say that and was really embarrassing. And then i come home from work for them to ask me again. Like they didn't hear what i jusy told them. Like where is your understanding or empathy.Clearly not just as simple as to do it. No one seems to be understanding and thinking ive not tried or tried to focus.

    It makes me wonder of there is anything wrong with my mental health and this is shit life and I'm just using it as an excuse cause I'm really lazy and always going to be like this.
    Then if my life is just going to consist of not being motivation and seeing no point in life. Then I dont want it at all.
    The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are


    • #17
      Hey Shaunie,

      I just wanted to check in and ask how everything's going? How are you feeling today?

      It sounds like there's a lot going on right now, it can be difficult when we feel our parents aren't listening to what we are saying. Are you getting any support at the moment with your work from college?

      All the best,

      - Aife


      • #18
        Feel like shit still. I had every intention to start today. But my Microsoft word won't let me log in. Didn't know i was even paying for it. What a great time for it to expire. Think telling me to give up.

        It's a week til it's August and ive still got like 25 assisgments to do. I know it's not impossible but with my motivation it feels it.
        My tutors arent emailing me back when said would cause i need assisgments briefs cause some i don't even know what tasks to do cause i wasn't there but not sending them so how can I do it. Just randomly write about anything ffs.and tried ringing them but didn't work. Like how and who am i meant to even be sending my work to then - even if i get it done.

        And feel like I've just realised I dont know what im doing with my life now im not going college. Can't be bothered to anything 😌
        The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are


        • #19
          This is to much. Just kill me now.
          The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are


          • #20
            Heya Shaunie,

            25 is a lot and even with the highest motivation it may be a struggle, let alone when you're trying to sort through personal things as well. It's good to be conscious of what we're capable of and not hold ourselves to unrealistic standards - if you have a go and genuinely can't manage it then that's okay. It might not be ideal, but with everything we know you're dealing with it's understandable to be finding yourself stretched too thin.

            How is everything going? Did you manage to get hold of any of your tutors?
            Taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself.


            • #21
              thank you
              my tutors still havent got back to me
              its august but dont know when in august cause wont get back to me but my family just keep asking me to do it when i cant be bothered and wont be able to even if last day of august. and i see no point because i will only get a pass i dont think that will get me that far idk its level 3 but like probably wont mean much anyway so dont even see the point.
              Think im actually gunna cry next time speak about it. doing ma head in like leave me fuck alone for one day
              The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are


              • #22
                Work over the summer is so so annoying. I currently have to do a lot too (hopefully getting into uni next year) and it often feels like the pressure is way too much. What I find helps is writing a checklist on a whiteboard then putting it up in my bedroom: then you get a slight bit of satisfaction when you've done something (even if it's small. Work on small bits of the assignments and go back to it for a little bit each day or each couple of days - perhaps you find this may help. Or maybe get a tutor to help you through it? Another thing that helps me is the fact literally thousands of other people are going through it too. This doesn't devalue your stress but it reassures you that you're certainly not alone in work struggles.
                Remember it won't be like this for a long time so just plough on!

                Good luck x


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