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"Hey Lucie,

You say you're still on medication and have had lots of therapy? Maybe it's a matter of revisiting old coping techniques and anything else like that, that therapy taught you?

And Drea is absolutely right! Even someone with everything material that they could ever want isn't insusceptible to mental illness. Any sex, race, age, class; it doesn't discriminate...
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  • College interview

    Has anyone ever been to one? i'm really stressing about it because i know deep down i'm going to mess it up especially as i'm not 100% set on college(honestly mentally wise i'd rather not go and i'm afraid that have an effect if i'm asked questions about why i choose this course and the college etc) i also don't have any future career plans other than getting a standard job and traveling around and i really don't know much about my hobbies, my anxiety s so terrible i tend to panic when i get asked a question so i will defo not have any confidence. i'm aware they're all different but does anyone know what kind of questions i might get asked and what i should wear?
    ~To be where one wishes to be, one must first truly believe that One's self will get there~

    -L A N E

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    It depends what ur course is and at what level, if it's a lower level then you can just say ur really interested in the subject and you feel like you can extended ur creativity/knowledge and that u want to gain more experience in the area. If it's a higher level, experience of doing something like it will help and u can say roughly the same thing, say ur thinking about going to uni, everyone changes there mind, so u don't have to stress if u decide to do something completely different, no ones going to hold u to it.

    I had my first college interview two years ago for the course am doing the now (jewellery design) what happened was we put out portfolios in the class, we got a tour as they were looking over our work and then we went back, went in at one at a time (although me and another girl were the last two so they did us together) they just basically asked why we wanted to the course, asked if we had any questions and that was pretty much it,

    The interview I just did for applied arts was like the previous interviews but we didn't get to speak to them, they just said we don't need to talk to anyone. we made up our minds, which was a bit scary.

    At the first one I said I wanted to go to uni and all that bull but to be honest I didn't know what I wanted to do and I was more leaning to the army anyhow, just talk about anything really, seem really interested and find out a bit about the course if u fancy, no one is going to bit ur head off, they know how worrying it is

    So over all just try to breath, talk about a load of crap and look interested, then if u get a place u can go or u can decide not to, it's up to u

    Hope this helped

    Good luck


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      Thanks for the tips it's just a skilled for life course which you do GCSEs alongside, it looked least objectionable and looks like something i can hack while i get my GCSEs. it kind of gets you to do little aspects of every course to help you decide because at the moment i don't take much of an interest in the other courses. overall it just seems like the most beneficial and like it's something i could just about get through. i don't have any future career intentions at the moment, i could really care less i'm more of a traveling person and i live in the now rather than planning ahead, i did put down on the form i was considering Uni even though it is unlikely i will. my anxiety just tells me somehow i'll mess up and not get the course so only time will tell. would something basic like Jeggings and a shirt be okay? they are a "wear what you like" college but i don't know if its going to be a formal interview and i'd rather not wear a skirt and leggings or something because it would make me feel very dysphoric x
      ~To be where one wishes to be, one must first truly believe that One's self will get there~

      -L A N E


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        I was in the same position as you when i had my college interview and i had no idea what to say. However, they ask simple questions which would require straight forward answers. All you have to do is look interested and relate to the question being asked. It all comes down to what grade you end up getting to attend the college so, do not worry too much about the interview. But, best of luck


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          Thanks zaynah grades aren't a worry because i'm taking my GCSEs alongside the course, i'm just worried i won't be able to show enough of an interest x
          ~To be where one wishes to be, one must first truly believe that One's self will get there~

          -L A N E


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            Hey LaneBoi, interviews can be quite scary, but it's great you're reaching out for some advice. There's some great interview tips from Distraction and Zaynah, and what's also great is to be as prepared as you can! For some people, practicing what you might say if they ask you certain questions can be really helpful such as "why did you apply for this course" or "what interests you about this course?". Also preparing one or two questions to ask them at the end of the interview is a great way to show some interest in the course!

            There's some great articles on The Mix website about interview tips that might be quite helpful. There's not one specific to college interviews but there's one about university interviews and one about job interviews that have some great tips that can be used for your college interview. They also have some advice about what to wear to an interview, hope they're helpful!

            Wishing you the best of luck with your interview, you can do it!

            - Aife


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              Thanks very much Aife!

              i'm just going to go with my usual button up flannel, ripped jeggings and equestrian boots, i think its better to be comfortable within myself as that should assert more confidence. i'll check out the articles in my spare time and my brothers printed me off some questions to try and answer, enthusiasm will be the hardest i think along with remembering about the college(supposedly you have to research it beforehand?) overall i'm going for a relaxed attitude, if i fail i fail and if i pass i pass. i'll find a way around it no matter what. no use in putting extra stress on myself when things are starting to look up
              ~To be where one wishes to be, one must first truly believe that One's self will get there~

              -L A N E


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