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Any tips on licking out my girl ?

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  • Any tips on licking out my girl ?

    I have gone down on a couple of girls before but not my current girlfriend. and im quite nervous about it, i dont want to disapoint her cos she means so much 2 me. shes hinted she wants a good licking and i really wanna go for it but is there any tips to make it perfect ? and also how long do u lot do it for ? becuase when iv done it before iv only done it for like 5 , 6 minuts max.

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    try spelling out a sentence with your tongue on her clitoris - spelling letters with your tongue is good as it keeps the motion changing all the time so it doesnt get repetitive. Some of my favourites are things like; 'you dirty bitch, i wish this was your sister i was doing this to right now!!" its all good fun and she doesn't know what your spelling, she is just loving it!! also try chewing some menthol gum or sucking a menthol sweet before and while you do it - just be careful not to let it drop out your mouth and get lost!!
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      not too long!!

      underneath your toungue gets REALYYYY SORE the next day


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        YOu do it for as long as you feel comfortable, but do remember to change the tempo and pace, to give yourself a rest as much as anything. Sucking gently on the clitoris is good- if you hum gently whilst you do it it is apparently wonderful.


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          I usually just keep going and going until shes on the brink of orgasm and thats when she grabs me and takes control

          Errr but yeh lol you should just do it for as long as you feel comfortable. Im guessing, as long as its more than a couple of minutes she probably wont complain. But try to go for ages She will love it.

          Good luck mate :D
          If you want the pain to go away,
          Better suck up your pride,
          Admit you lost her,
          Let her go...


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            Originally posted by ~*Girl_Interrupted*~
            you mean LICK HERE


            • #7
              take her underwear off, it might help


              • #8
                do it as long as it takes. seriously


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                  This may not work on everyone, but i like it when he..
                  (occsionally) does it whilst i'm wearing pants.
                  Uses this fingers gently in combination with his tongue.
                  Nibbles (gently) on my bits.
                  It also helps if i can see he's enjoying it!

                  What's that coming over the hill? Is it satehen?


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