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Abortion and Alcohol

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  • Abortion and Alcohol


    I am having an abortion and want to know whether drinking alcohol is ok or will it cause problems. Obviously i won't be drinking around the time of my abortion but i am going on holiday next week and because the abortion is not for a few weeks i just wondered whether a drink or two would be ok?

    What do you guys think?


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    I don't see why it should be a problem as you're not having an abortion for a few weeks. I'd say if you were ambivalent, then you might want to abstain due to the risks of foetal alcohol syndrome etc, but you sound pretty sure. Obviously, depending on the kind of anaesthetic you're having, you might want to lay off the alcohol after the abortion, and if you're having conscious sedation or a general anaesthetic, then it's nil by mouth for at least 6 hours.
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      I'm not having any aneasthetic as I am having the tablets. Thank you for your help and not judging me.



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        ultimetely it's your decision but be prepared for a bit of depression afterwards


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          It shouldnt be a problem for you to drink weeks before you have an abortion , but i agree, that you will suffer with depression
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            Originally posted by LilMizME
            but i agree, that you will suffer with depression
            Only if people force that idea into her head.

            If you want an abortion, and thats the right thing for you to do, then go for it. Make sure you've got someone to talk to about stuff, and you will be fine. Good luck. Have a good holiday and enjoy yourself. :D
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              Will there ever be an abortion thread without scaremongering or blanket side effects because the friend of a friend of a friend of my aunt's dog felt depressed afterwards?

              Jeez, someone's body is going to go from suddenly being pregnant to not being pregnant, you know, it can take a couple of weeks for the person to feel themselves again, and that includes feeling emotional, tearful, up and down etc, it doesn't mean that an abortion will equal depression.

              Best of luck with the medical route BNS, I hope it goes smoothly for you and enjoy your holiday.
              "Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things" George Carlin


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                It your choice and your choice only, remember that because you will come across a lot of prejudice.

                I would just say ask your doctor whats the best thing to do

                All the best xxxx
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                  Post partum depression

                  I think that they were saying that she may feel depression due to post partum depression. Just because the pregnancy is terminated through abortion doesnt mean that the female body doesnt go through the same things when regaining hormonal balance.


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                    Gonna close this as it's v old.
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                      No it'll be like I don't give a feck, fuck off, grrrr
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