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  • Grief

    Why does it hurt so much? (This may trigger some feelings)
    I literally feel like I have no energy & liike someone has literally came & take all my blood out of me. One minute I feel nothing and trying to trigger myself then the next im so angry and emotiional . & I say it literally feels like a lot of energy to form words & speak to people but then I find the energy to tell them to shit the fuck up and trash my room.
    I can't cope with this. I feel like i need to be so distant with everyone to aviod anything & feel like im being self centred.
    I'm finding comfort in hungry pains or shity unhealthy foods
    I feel numb & then feel everything at the same time in a short period.

    I'm blocking people and i have no idea why. They are just being nice. I tried going to college but I can't. I tried doing what i can but can't. I'm not going to do anything. Im just going to mess uo my life and my relastuonships so i have nothing to live for and reason to just die. Because none of this matters in the end
    I domt how to cope. I feel literally sick
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    "Nothing's ever what we expect, but they keep asking where we're going next" Robin Schulz - Sun goes down

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    It doesn't matter. I can't tell what's real and what's not.. But every one dies . One minute someone's here the next their not. I don't get it. Whats the point in longing out the emotional pain and living if we're gone so fast. Theres no point.
    This is just a game or a test and nothing is real. It doesn't matter. Hell sounds more appealing then this
    "Nothing's ever what we expect, but they keep asking where we're going next" Robin Schulz - Sun goes down


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      Heya Shaunie,

      Reading your post through, I really get the feeling that you're super worn down?

      Emotional and mental exhaustion can have such an adverse effect on us and quite often leads to feeling 'numb' as you describe. When we're in that sort of place, it can also make us feel a bit more sensitive (I realise that contradicts what I said before, but bear with) to certain things. Like where we might usually process those feelings and thoughts naturally through the day, if we're fatigued then it's natural to stop doing that and things can build up. Then, as you say, we can reach a tipping point and end up having outbursts towards people and venting that anger and upset in very brief but intense moments.

      I can't truly empathise, but grief is a difficult process and, as with a lot of things, there's no right or wrong way to feel or to deal with it. If you don't mind me asking, is there someone you've lost recently?

      Props for talking about it - you're probably doing brilliantly. We're always here.
      "You're familiar with the phrase "man's reach exceeds his grasp"? It's a lie: man's grasp exceeds his nerve."


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        Hey Mike

        Thank you. Does make a lot of sense. And worn down definitely is the right word. I feel like the moments are getting more intense and feel like im getting more fragile quicker. Which doesn't even make sense because then less is built up?

        Yeah- and grief is a very painful process. But people aren't understanding I'm fine if they would leave me alone when i want to be left alone even just fir a hour. And not constantly speaking at me.
        "Nothing's ever what we expect, but they keep asking where we're going next" Robin Schulz - Sun goes down


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