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Herpes Geographical Prevelance

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  • Herpes Geographical Prevelance

    Hello All,

    Conventional dating never worked for me due to personal circumstances. Occassionaly I enjoy the company of independent eorts.

    How does this affect the likelihood of me contracting the virus, (statistically).

    I feel it is responsible to try and protect myself as far as possible within this context.

    Does anyone have any reliable data showing how this differs between countries, please?

    Is it true that the virus is more widespread in the USA/Canada than the UK?

    This is not a question about ethnicity; but about the likely exposure of people growing up in a given country.

    Many thanks.

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    Mid 90's in Kent I hear


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      I know HIV is more prevalent in America than the UK, but I don't know if this can be generalised to other STDs. But let's just say they seem to have a more prudish attitude to sex education than even the UK, so it wouldn't surprise me.

      Actually, just looking into it, and there's not a lot of difference overall. There's a difference between different types of STD, but they all tend to be prevented in the same way, and I'm guessing that you're not going to be too pleased about getting any of them.


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