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After a one nighter

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    Originally posted by jacobs_gal View Post
    He didn't tell me till after the event and he doesn't work in my office but next door so that wasn't my fault. He wasn't small but did struggle

    When I do see him do I say hi
    You'd be best off blanking him. He just wanted to fuck you so ignore him, he's not worth even wasting the oxygen required to say "hi".

    I don't care if he was big or small, good or bad, just remember that if he gossips you can get revenge quite easily.
    Can you hold me like you held someone you shouldn't have let go?
    Can you keep me deep inside like the regrets that burned a hole?
    Can you love me like you loved someone you loved so long ago?


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      Originally posted by jacobs_gal View Post
      He even said not to post on his wall
      guilt about cheating?


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