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Friend being treated inapropriately and don't know how to help her!

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  • Friend being treated inapropriately and don't know how to help her!

    The other day, my friend confided in me that a member was behaving inapropriatly towards her at a party and asked for my advice on what to do.
    My friend is 15 and was at her sisters party, she started to have a conversation with a member of family (this guy is about 50/60) and he was flirting and kissing her hand a lo, he also kept touching her back. After she had gone to talk to someone else, he came up behind her and grabbed her waist. Then when he was leaving she hugged him and he didnt let go and kissed her on the lips cheek and neck! it is really freaking her out and rightly so!

    She wont talk to her parents about it and has only told me. I just dont know how to help and what advice to give. So i thought someone else would have a good idea? she is my best friend and i'm going crazy cos i know i cant help

    please help!

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    Maybe you can confront her parents with your friend together? It can make a huge difference, even if you don't say anything, but just be there for emotional support.


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      Originally posted by StrubbleS View Post
      Maybe you can confront her parents with your friend together?.
      I cant because she wont go to her parents full stop, she thinks they wont understand


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        If she wont go to her parents maybe ask if she wants you to talk to them for her, and then you can bring them together. We all know, of course they will understand, its just easing her into talking about it.
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          It's difficult to advise who she can turn to if she wants to keep it secret. My best advice would be to initally confide in someone at school, a counsellor perhaps. The thing with that to be aware of is they'd be duty bound to report it to the police.
          The other alternative is to perhaps give childline a call and see what they suggest.

          I know the natural desire for someone in this situation is to keep it a secret, but she really needs to speak to someone in a professional capacity who can give her some advice on how to handle it. The risk of doing nothing is he sees it as a sign of acceptance and repeats his behaviour. I know she may feel that nobody will believe her if she tells someone, it's a very common feeling unfortunately.
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            Hi needadvice14

            That's a horrible thing to have happened to your friend. But it's great that she feels able to confide in you and that you obviously care about her wellbeing so much.

            How is she doing now?

            You say you're not sure how to help, though I'm sure just listening to her was very beneficial. If she really doesn't want to tell her parents you could also point her in the direction of Childline like whowhere suggested? Talking to them is completely confidential and your friend can do it in a number of ways, including phoning them on 0800 1111, emailing them, or even having a online chat. Do you think that's something she would want to do?

            I hope that helps.



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