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She Cums - Then Stops!

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  • She Cums - Then Stops!

    I am 19 and so is my g/f we have been going out for 15 months. We don't have sex much a about 6 months ago she was on anti-depressants and stuff was bad. Its better now but she works 50 hours a week and is very tired most of the time.

    We she is horny we have sex and after I have made her cum she pushes me away and closes her eyes and just pants for about 3 mins. She does this if I have cum or not. There is no look to finish me off or start again.

    Sometimes I will continue while she is cumming and when I cum everything seems alright. She says however it hurts when I continue after she cums, like its too much stimulation?

    Is this normal? Or is she just being selfish?

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    I dunno man.... I know sometimes when masturbating my g/f she says it hurts abit after she has came if I carry on. But after about 5 mins shes ok again... may be too much stimulation .... I dunno man <IMG alt="image" SRC="">

    Btw... where too in crappy Cornwall are you?

    We're prob the only ones to live in the arse end of the UK <IMG alt="image" SRC="">


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      Im not sure why that happens, but I spose its only the same as when blokes stop after cumming. Bloody frustrating mind!

      It matters not who won or lost, but how you place the blame.


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        I am from a town called Camborne in Cornwall! u?

        Yeah it kinda makes sense. Does any one else have that problem of making their g/f cum to quick during sex for them to finish?

        We have continued before and she thought she might be able to cum again. When we first started she would have multiple orgasms now and again upto 3.


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          OH GOD! I used to go to College there <IMG alt="image" SRC="">
          You know that road where the main entrance to NORMANS is? I stayed in a house there whilst at College.... I went to the Duchy one at Rosewarne.... many an afternoon spent in Rowebowl getting pissed whilst bowling <IMG alt="image" SRC="">
          I live in Bude anyway....

          um nothing to do with the topic <IMG alt="image" SRC="">


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            cornish people, wooooo!

            *lives in shitty bodmin*

            its quite common... once a girl cums its just uncomfortable and can even hurt if you try and continue stimulating them afterwards. if you wait a while though it passes off, and while they might not be able to cum again, it doesnt feel so uncomfortable and can be pleasurable again. or maybe make sure you come first, and just resolve to carry on until she does? or take it in turns or something to be the one who cums first <IMG alt="image" SRC="">

            Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.


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              Kick that lazy cow up the arse!
              "If you're not wasted... the day is."


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                it is painful as soon as u have cum 2 carry on 2.anyway its nice just 2 relax afterwards & enjoy the pleasure. men do the same..& we have 2 put up wiv them!

                your a naughty boy....go to my room!


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                  hi well im only 15 so oral is as far as ive been, ive been wiv my b/f 15 months and well r relationship is very physical, wen he masturbates me sometimes i can carry on after i come but other times it hurts really bad, friction or sumfin like that!
                  neway, wat about if she masterbates u a bit 1st so u come at the same time?!?!
                  just a thort, mite work!

                  Batman -x-


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