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Stress and self care.

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  • Stress and self care.

    So this is going to hard to wtite but her goes.
    People this year are saying 'the exams are easy' and i thinks wrong that people are saying that. Instead of say easier say 'it was ok'. For myself when people say the exams are easy it makes people like me feel like they have failed as the exam may not of been as easier as others think. Its ok to voice your opinion put try and think about others.

    ● So after your exam try not to think about it. Once you get out of that room the exam is done and you can't change it.
    ● Make sure you eat and drink proper foods
    ●Sounds very stupid to me as i love my bed but remember to sleep properly. That can be better than doing an extra 3 hours of revision.

    These are some of my idea's some work better than others and remember if you k ow you have put in 100% effert that is all anyone can ask from you.
    Good luck with your exams and remember keep talking.

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    Love this thread and the message behind it! Self-care is definitely important when it comes to exams and generally being productive. All these are really good points.

    Remember to make time for fun things and decompressing - keeping your mood up can do the world of good. It's way harder to learn when you're in a bad mood or worn down by what you're doing. Take breaks.
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