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Partner can't sign on / claim JSA because of my 16k job - is that right?

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  • Partner can't sign on / claim JSA because of my 16k job - is that right?

    As the title suggests, I'm in a bit of a pickle - to put it lightly!

    I live with my partner in a small flat which we pay half the rent for each, bills are our own concern but we try to split things 50/50.

    I work on a permanent basis earning 16k annually

    My partner has just graduated from University but the jobs market in her field is tough. She's tried freelancing and a few other things but hasn't yet found a "proper" job - she is trying to find work though.

    However, we're hard up at the moment and finally swallowed our pride and got her to go and see about signing on - only to be told that she can't!

    Why? Because I have a job that pays 16,000 a year.

    I'm here to ask if that's right and if there's anything that can be done about it. My partner and I are not married nor legally joined in any way - there is no arrangement where I give her money on a formal basis. So I'm wondering on what grounds I am expected to support both of us - especially as I've not been asked any details about my own income or means by the JSA agency.

    If anyone has any experience or advice in this situation - I'd welcome it. I know her finding work is the best possible idea but being realistic, she hasn't got a job and I can't support us both in the long term on my own salary.


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    no, its quite right. If you live together as a couple, it makes no difference if youre married or not. If one is out of work, the other is expected to support them.
    She will either need to look for a job outside of her chosen field, or youll need to live seperatly if you cant support her.


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      I had this problem, effectively, if you're living together as if you were married (in a civil partnership) then you might as well be. The first place I can think of to go for some help and advice would be you're local CAB.
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        Welcome to the boards and thanks for posting your query.

        As Fiend_85 and SuzyCreamcheese have mentioned, your income will be relevant to your partner's claim for JSA. For more information check out the Gov.UK pages about JSA eligibility -

        You may also like to use the Benefits adviser service which checks which benefits you and your partner may be entitled to -
        Maybe you'd be eligible for other benefits that would help you both financially right now.

        Hope this helps and good luck to your partner in finding a job. She may find the articles on TheSite's work guide useful -

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