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Chat guideline change

We recently updated our chat guideline around discussing eating issues. Take a look here for more info.
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Post of The Month (June)

Jellyelephant is our Post of The Month winner voted by the community:

"Hey notagain

Just wanted to drop by and say I hope you are okay. Remember a relapse doesn't mean the end of recovery. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep fighting lovely girl <3"
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Funny Hairstyles! DO NOT come back!

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  • Funny Hairstyles! DO NOT come back!

    Funniest hairstyle that should never come back!!

    These Kids did the most regretful things with their hair, and in these school photos they are most likely not going to look back at them.

    Don't you just find these hairstyles funny? Imagine looking back at these photos and realising how your hairstyle was!

    What type of hairstyles did you have when you was young? The cool hairstyle? Or the hairstyle from above ^^^

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    I had a very basic bob (not ugly but still regretful ) a few years later it slowly got shorter and shorter until now where I have the sides shaven and thick hair in the middle which i'm still in love with
    ~To be where one wishes to be, one must first truly believe that One's self will get there~

    -L A N E


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      and this is why i cut my own hair lmao. i int having no wild hairstyle! my hair is rather long ( although i cut and inch and a half off this morning.
      As a kid i always had my hair really short like a bob ( mum's idea) and i always hated it, until i was finally allowed to grow it out!


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