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My hair gets dirty too quickly

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  • My hair gets dirty too quickly

    I washed my hair last night. It's already dirty. How likely is changing shampoo going to help? Sometimes, I can go up to 3 days without washing.

    I currently use Tresemme shampoo. Are there any others I should try / avoid?

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    Yep, try changing shampoo. For some reason may hair hates Herbal Esscences and will quickly get greasy again the same day i use it but with something like Pantene it can go a good couple of days.

    Im not really sure of what too try and avoid cos everyone is different, its just trial and error
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      I like Aussie shampoo (I get it when it's on offer) and I've noticed if I use a deep conditioner once a week my hair doesn't need washing every day.

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        Also look at what you're doing with it inbetween. If I play with mine, it goes really greasey really fast. If I leave mine up, it's fine.


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          That's interesting, Scary.

          I've been wearing it up for volunteering (because it just gets in the way) and have noticed it has become more greasy since then. Although, I've now had it cut; so hopefully, that will help.


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            if i wash my hair everyday, it starts to need it everyday.
            If i make a point of only washing every other day for a while, apart from the first few times of looking abit greasy inbetween, it starts not needing it as often


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              My hairs the same Melian, I think a lot of it can depend on your hair type as well, I have quite fine hair and it doesn't have a lot of volume and tends to get greasy really easily.
              I wash my hair pretty much every day...gets annoying.
              Dry shampoo is a good alternative if it just needs a bit of freshening up.

              Otherwise I do find changing shampoo helps, perhaps look for one that is made for hair that gets greasy pretty quickly, theres a few about if you look in boots/superdrug etc
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                I've never been able to wash my hair less than every other day.
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                  I did used to be able get away with washing it twice a week or so. I washed it Sunday evening and it needed doing again last night.


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                    Maybe you need some vitamins. (:
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                      Your conditioner maybe the cause, change it or your shampoo :-)
                      Also, washing everyday might help..


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