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  • Fake blood recipes

    I've got a halloween party on wednesday and I'm going as a bloody/zombie nurse. After searching everywhere in town today I couldn't find any decent fake blood so decided to make my own. Anyone know any good easy recipes for making fake blood? The more realistic the better! Thanks.
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    Red food colouring, water and a bit of cornflour?


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        Yeah, just experiment. Look it up on google. In particular, look for film-making websites, because they usually know how to do it properly.

        Add a bit of chocolate sauce to the mixture above. One of the main mistakes people make is making the blood look too bright, which makes it look fake. Real blood has a slight brown tone and is darker than red food colouring will be.

        Here's a few different recipes.

        ETA: snap!


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          Halloween Blood and Food Colours

          Hi guys, I know it's an old thread but you never know how useful this might be to someone. A friend of mine runs an ebay shop called kitchen-chemistry and each year he puts up a special pack of halloween food colours in powdered form. You can find it here,

          have a good halloween anyway...



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