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What do people think of boys wearing girls underwear?

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  • What do people think of boys wearing girls underwear?

    im a 16 year old boy and i like to wear girls underwear. i first 'borrowed' (lets not go there) my neighbours underwear without her knowing, and when she realised she was missing some of her thongs she confronted me and first i denied it, but then she pulled down my trousers to see if i was lying and there was one of her thongs. she was shocked but after we talked about it she was, i suppose, understanding about it. she let me keep the ones i had taken and also gave me some others that i really liked, and that she didnt like so much.

    i dont know why i do it and since i took some of her underwear, i have fantasised about wearing other sorts or underwear, especially the girl boxers from topshop, but havent plucked up enough courage to go in and buy some yet.

    i was wondering what people think of this and also how, if i did, i would go in and ask to buy and/or try on some of the girl boxers. thanks

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    just go and buy a few pairs and see wat ones fit you. coz even gals arnt suppose to try underwear on in shops. it ur skinny try lik a seize 10-12 or if ur fatter try 14-16


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      ps why cant u just wear men thongs instead of woman ones and buy tight boxers and y fronts? they not much diff to woman undies in my opinion anyway thou im sure someone will disagree with me
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        first, i only started wearing girl thongs because there was an opportunity to get some. second, i dont tend to wear the thongs too much anymore, as i said i like girl boxers more, although i havent ever tried any on.

        and finally, its the design and i suppose 'girlyness' or the girl boxers which i like more about them than wearing normal mens tight boxers or the similar. thanks anyway. and just incase anyone was wondering, im not gay, i know im definitely straight. its just the fact that i wear girls underwear


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          It doesn't bother me to be honest but I'd suggest you don't steal anyone's underwear.
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          Whether that would turn out well in the end, of course, is another matter."


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   This thread might give you a few peoples views.
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              Originally posted by lea_uk View Post
              It doesn't bother me to be honest but I'd suggest you don't steal anyone's underwear.
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                Each to their own. I wouldn't fancy the testicle chafing from pants that aren't cut to accomodate men's bits, though.


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