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Tragus piercing still playing up after 5 months

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  • Tragus piercing still playing up after 5 months

    Please help me... I've had my tragus pierced for about 5 months now and it still has this nasty lump at the top of it. I don't think it's a keloid because it goes up and down in size. When I went on holiday I was swimming in a private chlorinated pool every day which seemed to do wonders for it and it seemed to be almost completely healed but since then it's come back with a vengence. I'm still getting pus and crusty stuff on it. This seems so wrong for such an old piercing! I went back to the piercists a couple of months ago to show her and she said it was nothing to worry about and to keep cleaning it until it healed then put some hydrogen peroxide on it to get rid of it. But it's not healed. Help, I really need some advice!

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    I cant really give you any advice, but the piercings on my ear cartilage change all the time. One week they''ll be fine and the next I'll have a small lump on them and some crusty stuff. I think it happens when I irritate putting on a tight necked tshirt/jumper, or sleeping on them funny. I was really worried about them at one point because one of them had a HUGE lump on it, but it just disappeared! If your piercer said it was nothing to worry about then I guess it's not, mine are fine at the moment but I bet next week one or all of them go minging again!
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      Cartlidge piercings just seem to take forever. The rear hole of my industrial still flares up, even after almost three years. Maybe it'll never be 100%
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        Go to your GP and request a prescription for a cream called Fucidin. Apply the cream to the granuloma twice a day, and within a week, it should be gone.

        I swear by the stuff, my cartilage piercings always play up, but plonk a bit of Fucidin on it, and it works like magic. Brilliant stuff!!!

        Oh, and NEVER use hydrogen peroxide!!!

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          Cool, i'll give it a go. I've got to go to the GP tomorrow anyway cos my tonsils are all swollen and gross so I'll mention the cream then. Thanks

          I've been doing salt soaks on it and putting savlon spray on it for the past week and it's looking a bit better already, so fingers crossed.


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            Originally posted by lisa simpson's saxophone
            I've been doing salt soaks on it
            my method of choice.

            and i find ear piercing generally are temperamental. i've had my lobes done for 8 years and sometimes they still get a bit mental. i just put my surgical steel hoops back in, soak them a few times and they soon calm down.


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              My Tragus piercing is the same. I have been told to use sea salt also savlon spray what is best.. Please help. Cheers


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                Originally posted by alfi View Post
                My Tragus piercing is the same. I have been told to use sea salt also savlon spray what is best.. Please help. Cheers
                Dude, posting onto the end of a thread that died 4 years ago isn't the best thing to do - I suggest next time, you start a new thread.

                In answer to your question, saline soaks should suffice. 1/4 of a teaspoon of salt mixed into a mug of boiling water, left to cool for a while - clean your piercing once or twice a day and no more or it'll become more aggitated.


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                  Cheers thanks for your response & advice..Ax


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