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How long for blood test results?

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  • How long for blood test results?

    Does anyone know how long it generally takes for blood test results to come back? I had a blood test on monday (mainly looking at the full blood count, although it tested for other things as well), and am a bit nervous about the results. If it's past the time it normally takes, then at least I can relax a bit! I had it done at the hospital as opposed to the g.p's, don't know if that makes a difference? Thanks, Tates x
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    well mine took just over a week.

    they were done at the hospital and the results were back at my gp's in 8 days.
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      I just had a blood test last wednesday and I was told to wait 10 days but that is because I am getting something tested for my stomach or something.
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        Damn, I was really hoping I could stop worrying! Every time my phone rings I'm getting stupidly wound up, grr! Got an exam on monday as well which doesn't help!
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          It depends, mostly just a week, I had one set of tests that took 4 weeks to come back. But then that was 'cat scratch fever' so it was a little bit different.
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            They usually just take a week mine are only taking 10 days because of what they are testing. It just depends what they are testing. Did you doc not say how long they would be?
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              I've had so many now i've got used to it. They always tell me 7-10 days.


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                Nope, I forgot to ask and they didn't tell me. Just said that they'd get in contact if there's a problem.
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                  At the surgery I work at we can usually get FBC results on the system after three working days - paper version takes about seven working days.

                  Other tests can take longer. You know you can ring the hospital - ask to be put through to the pathology lab and just tell them why you're ringing - for some results etc and they should let you know what they are. If you're worried it could put your mind at ease. The haematology department tests fbc.
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                    I've had a few.

                    One time it had to be repeated as the first one got messed up. The repeat results came within 2 days of the second test but that was 10 days after the original test.

                    Another time they took about a week.
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