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"Hey Lucie,

You say you're still on medication and have had lots of therapy? Maybe it's a matter of revisiting old coping techniques and anything else like that, that therapy taught you?

And Drea is absolutely right! Even someone with everything material that they could ever want isn't insusceptible to mental illness. Any sex, race, age, class; it doesn't discriminate...
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    Why do I feel like crying all the time? Like I have to sneak out to the back garden to cry. I feel so "needy" aswell like I constantly want a hug. I dont feel like I can cry infront of the ladies or there not the kind I can talk to or ask for a hug. I'm so fedup😢 I'm ringing my CPN tomorrow, she wont do anything but I guess I can vent to her if anything and say again I need to see the Dr there. I still havent had an appointment come through to see the Dr at CAMHS as my meds desperatly need adjusting or changing which I have been going on about for ages now I need to see a Dr! Lastnight my voices were telling me to fill the bath with boiling hot water and put my hands in it and that there was no cold water in the house😡
    Your difficulties are vaild

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    Hi Lostsense
    sorry to hear you're having a difficult time but i'm glad you could feel willing to reach out. first off i'd like to start with that it's not a bad thing to cry and it doesn't mean we're weak as it actually can be good for us. how long you're having to wait certainly sounds a bit silly, have you made a drs appointment to ask if they can get you one quicker or maybe tried contacting CAMHS? have you got anyone you can talk to in the meantime? to at least vent to? x
    ~To be where one wishes to be, one must first truly believe that One's self will get there~

    -L A N E


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      I dont like crying as it always makes me feel worser so I wouldnt say crying is good for me and if you cry infront of people you have got to be prepared for them to ask whats wrong and sometimes I dont want to explain or evan its the wrong people to explain to..thats why I have been going out to the back garden also its not nice sitting on your own and crying having harmful thoughts evan sitting with something to harm with or crying before/during or after youve harmed but I know thats what people say its good for us to cry..I am just different lol. Also when I am crying I need a hug but thats not always possible, no words, just hug me. I know I am not weak for crying. I spoke to my CPN today like I said I would in my post and I told her again I need to see a dr and she said she would speak to the secutary again who books the appointments in to see the Dr. I have actually got a lot of support atm I see my CPN every 3 weeks, I do CBT sessions over the phone weekly and I have my counselling sessions through here again weekly aswell so I suppose I have got plenty of people there that I could vent to, I also have a support worker. Just lacking on my medication that needs adjusting or changing x
      Last edited by Lostsense; 04-09-2017, 06:13 PM.
      Your difficulties are vaild


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        Hey lostsense,

        Just wanted to check in to see how you are doing today?

        It sounds like you have a good support network around you. It can be frustrating when medication needs changing or adjusting, because it's not a easy thing to do cos they have to slowly do it, to make sure your not going to have withdrawal symptoms, I got told that by my gp yesterday.

        Keep posting if you need to, we are here for you

        Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow

        Think ability, not disability


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          Yeah I have got good support atm. I know, I dont think he will change it but me may up my antipsychotic med actually I cant speculate he might change it 😂
          Last edited by Lostsense; 05-09-2017, 04:59 PM.
          Your difficulties are vaild


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